How to Define Love

You’ve probably heard of Agape, Passionate, and Storge. But what do they all mean? How can you define love? Here are some things you need to know. Love is more than a feeling – it’s a choice. Love is a feeling that comes from knowing that someone else wants you to be there for them. You can’t help feeling safe and exciting in a relationship. And just like Mr. Rogers, who weighed 143 pounds, love is a choice you make.

Passionate love

A passionate love relationship can be a rollercoaster of emotions. You might feel great desperation if your partner were to leave you. You might study your partner’s body and watch them move, while feeling intense longing. When things go wrong, you may feel depressed and anxious. Passionate love can be dangerous in long-term relationships. Here are some common signs of a passionate love relationship:

Companionate love

The three components of love are passion, intimacy, and commitment. Passion is the most unpredictable and difficult to control. To maximize passion, couples should develop a variety of interests and activities to stimulate the pleasure centers of their brains and keep a romantic ambiance. If the partner is not engaged in a new activity, he or she is likely to look for it elsewhere. Companionate love is the most common type of love among married couples.


Storge on love is an Ancient Greek philosophical concept that corresponds to the natural affection we feel for our partners. It is separate from the other forms of love and was deeply rooted in familial values. According to C.S. Lewis, storge was the lowest form of love, and it is the most widely diffuse. In order to understand storge properly, it must be considered in the context of the broader understandings of love.


The terms eros and agape in love refer to two kinds of human love. Neither one is exclusive of the other, and both involve something outside of ourselves. Hellenistic Latins defined the two cases using precise vocabulary. Eros is the natural love, while agape is the love directed toward objects and acts. Both are important for the development of our emotional, spiritual, and physical relationships. They both represent the most basic forms of human love.

Acts of service

One of the primary ways that couples express their love is through acts of service. It is important to remember that your partner may have grown accustomed to your daily acts of service. If you don’t express your gratitude for your partner’s acts of service, your partner may not understand the value of your gesture. However, if your partner appreciates your efforts, he or she will be more likely to appreciate them. This is why you must communicate with your partner to find out what he or she prefers.