How to Extinguish a Fire

What is fire? Fire is a rapid chemical process of oxidation of material. It releases heat, light, and different reactions products. If you are wondering what causes fire, read this article! Fire is a danger! Know what to do when a fire starts and how to get the most out of it. Then, take precautions to prevent the occurrence of another one! Here are some basic steps to follow. Read on to learn how to extinguish a fire.


Combustion of fire is the process by which combustible materials combine with an oxidizing agent to produce heat and light. These chemical reactions are self-sustaining, which means that they will continue as long as the fuel and oxygen are present. The burning of a fuel will produce smoke and soot, which will continue to spread as long as the fuel and oxygen are present. The process of combustion is known as oxidation and is a complex science.

Flames can be classified into non-flaming stages, such as smoldering. Other stages are known as pyrolysis, where oxygen is not present. Fire that is well ventilated will burn more slowly, whereas a fire that is poorly ventilated may be difficult to put out. In this type of fire, smoke and flames are the result of a post-flashover process. Inflammable materials are a major cause of fires in the home. Fire ignition sources include friction, space heaters, and welding operations. Lightning is a common source of ignition, but not the only one.


Flames are the products of combustion. They are able to sustain their own heat, releasing it in the process. This property makes fires propagate, as long as a continuous source of fuel and oxidiser is present. Several methods of fire extinguishing exist, such as using a retardant chemical. Listed below are some examples of fire extinguishing methods. Depending on the fuel type and temperature, some methods are more effective than others.

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Combustion products

The composition of combustion products from a fire is a complex mix of chemical substances. Most toxic fires produce hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, and smoke. The latter is a toxic compound that can be fatal to humans. The former is also an irritant and can cause lung damage. This article will explore the various toxic gases from a fire and what you can do to minimize the risk of exposure. You can learn more about fire safety and how to minimize the risks by following the links below.

The yield of toxicants in fire effluents is directly related to the fuel-air ratio. Under-ventilated compartment fires produce the highest yields of carbon monoxide and hydrogen cyanide. Conversely, fires under well-ventilated conditions produce low yields of these toxicants. In order to minimize these emissions, it is necessary to develop methods that replicate specific combustion conditions in a full-scale fire.

Extinguishing a fire

There are three basic elements required for a fire to burn – heat, fuel, and oxygen. Depending on the fuel, each element can have different effects and must be handled differently. The best way to extinguish a fire is to remove one of these elements first. Fires are classified according to their types, based on the materials that are aflame. Using the right tool for the job will ensure the safety of everyone involved and minimize potential damage.

Once the source of a fire is identified, move toward it with a fire extinguisher. While advancing toward the fire, make sure to hold the handle of the extinguisher to the base of the fire. When applying the extinguisher, sweep it back and forth, trying not to let the fire rekindle. In case the fire rekindles, repeat the process. If the fire is still not extinguished, call the fire department and request them to inspect the area.