How to Find a Chile Small Warehouse Rental

The first thing you should do when looking for a Chile Small warehouse rental is to check the legal requirements for such rental properties. While Chileans are allowed to rent these properties, it is still necessary to have a valid work contract and monthly salary. If you do not meet these requirements, you will be forcibly evicted from the property. The type of property that you rent also matters, because higher-end properties are more likely to accept tenants from abroad.

In Chile, foreign companies usually enter the market through an agent, distributor, or wholesaler. Most of these firms are small to medium-sized companies, although some large ones handle different product lines and have branches in the free-trade zones of Punta Arenas and Iquique. Commissions for these services vary, but usually range between five to 10 percent. To learn more, contact Local Professional Services. There are also various laws regarding the establishment of a Chilean company.

When looking for a Chilean warehouse, be aware of the country’s tax system. In Chile, value-added tax applies to both direct and indirect sales. As a business, you must pay tax on income from sales, imports, and services. VAT also applies to real estate and customary sellers. The government also has a value-added tax on real estate. The amount that you pay for a Chilean warehouse rental is based on the total value of the building and the value of the goods and services.