How to Find the Best WordPress Plugins

If you’ve never used WordPress, you’re in for a treat! The software has an easy-to-use front-end and a password-protected back-end where website owners can customize and change everything. The back-end is where you create new pages, work with images, and customize the look of your website. The front-end is what visitors see, and they may not even know your site is using WordPress!


There are many types of WordPress plugins, and the WordPress repository offers the largest selection. Most are free and most have a paid version, as well. However, installing too many plugins can slow your site down and make it heavy. Not to mention that it’s more susceptible to attacks. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to find the best plugins for your site. Here are a few things to consider before choosing a plugin:


Several factors determine which WordPress themes are the best for your site. While multipurpose themes cater to a wide variety of niches, they are more flexible and can be customized to suit a specific need. For example, an ecommerce theme will often include an ecommerce plugin. Be sure to review the plugin list after installing the theme. You may find that you want to add a specific feature. If so, you can always use a separate plugin to implement it.


Widgets for WordPress allow you to customize the look of your site without having to make any changes to the code itself. WordPress widgets are usually in the form of a Class that contains 4 functions. Here is a breakdown of how these widgets are created:


One of the most overlooked aspects of WordPress security is the number of plugins available for use on the site. There are thousands of different plugins available, and each one poses its own security risks. Fortunately, WordPress has an easy way to notify users when a new version of a plugin is released. You can subscribe to the WordPress Releases RSS feed to receive these updates automatically. However, you should still be vigilant about your plugins and themes. Unused or outdated plugins can pose a security threat to your site.

Open source

What makes Open source WordPress so powerful? Well, it’s free! Open source software means that you can modify the source code of the code and redistribute it if you like. While that may sound a bit scary, this approach actually benefits software developers and business owners alike. After all, if WordPress is free, then everyone is a winner. In addition to providing a free platform for the world to build websites, open source plugins make it possible to customize the software in any way you want.