How to Get Paid As an Author for an Apple Book


Apple pays authors 32 days after the end of the month using the bank account linked to their iTunes Connect bank account, which can be found in the “Agreements, Tax, and Banking” section of the author’s website. Apple has no price matching requirements, meaning that you can sell the same book at different prices on different websites. As an author, you can determine the prices of your books through the Apple website and on your own website. This allows you to set your own price, which is a great benefit.

America’s Apple by Russell Steven Powell

The authors of America’s Apple are a couple of New England apple experts. They are former executive directors of the nonprofit New England Apple Association and current executive director Bar Lois Weeks. The book details their history and the state of the apple industry. This is the perfect read for apple lovers, and they will enjoy learning about the history of the apple and its place in American culture. In America’s Apple, you will learn about how to preserve these delicious fruits while enjoying their great taste.

The first chapter describes the history of the apple and its role in the region. There are shout-outs to Ronald Prokopy, the father of integrated pest management, and S. Lathrop Davenport, a heirloom apple collector. The chapters are short and concise, and Powell rewards careful readers with an incredible amount of information about the history of apples. Nevertheless, there are several points that are worth mentioning.

The authors provide a thorough history of apple growing in New England and its history. They have provided useful advice and photographs of more than 200 varieties of apples. Throughout the book, you’ll learn about the rich history of apple growing in New England and the “fathers” of the apple industry, including Henry David Thoreau and John Chapman. Powell’s work shows the apple as a marvel of biological science, a cultural icon, and an artist’s medium.
Designed by Apple in California by John Chapman

The title of Designed by Apple in California by John Chapman evokes the spirit of the 18th century. Chapman’s apple trees were so prolific that they were used to produce hard cider, a staple of pioneer diets. The name of the book also refers to the many orchards planted by Chapman. In Designed by Apple in California, John Chapman is depicted as a savvy businessman. He planted orchards in frontier areas and sold them to settlers, earning large profits.

The name of the book is an acronym of John Chapman, who introduced apple trees to California in 1798. Chapman was an Earth-lover who knew the value of a profitable crop. He was also a member of the Continental Army. Designed by Apple in California by John Chapman summarizes the importance of identifying with the man behind the invention of an apple. He believed that the apple could be the perfect tree for making apple whiskey and cider.

Although he was a Christian, Chapman was also a pioneer and a benevolent pioneer. His kindness led him to receive promises of later payment. He also gave away apple seedlings and became a famous American folk hero, earning the nickname Johnny Appleseed. The aforementioned horticulturist also gave away apple seedlings free of charge. Aside from that, he made important contributions to the western expansion of the United States.

It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover

It Ends With Us is a bestselling novel by Colleen Hoover. It’s a young adult title, with two amazing protagonists. Like the original It Ends with Us, Lily and Ryle must decide whether they want to end their relationship or continue on with their lives. The story follows the story of Lily and Ryle’s complicated relationship, and its ending will leave readers enchanted.

This is a deeply personal novel by Colleen Hoover, and it breaks new ground for her as a writer. Her skillful combination of all-too-human characters and an unforgettable romance makes for an exceptional story about love and family. It is a novel that will stay in your heart and stay in your mind for a long time to come. And if you’ve been looking for a novel that makes you cry, this is a great choice.