How to Hire a Lawyer for Sex Crimes in Incheon, South Korea

Having a lawyer for sex crimes in Korea is crucial for many reasons. The perception of justice officials as perpetrators erodes confidence in the justice system. Survivors can benefit from laws allowing civil defamation actions. In this way, a victim’s right to privacy is protected. And there are numerous defenses for sex crimes in Korea. Here’s a look at some of the most important issues to consider when contacting a lawyer in the area.


A Korean actor and former member of the K-pop boy band JYJ named Park Yoo-chun has been ordered to pay a woman nearly 100 million won as compensation for a sex crime. The suit, filed by a woman named A, was handed to Park on Aug. 27 and took effect last Wednesday. Although Yoon still walks with a limp, his appearance is surprisingly cheerful, and he talks loudly. Despite this, it is apparent that his life has been a traumatic experience.

The case is particularly shocking given that a suspected criminal is often kept awake and subjected to a series of interrogation techniques, including rape. The suspects, in this case, were all teenagers or young women. The case also involved a man who allegedly sexually assaulted two of the girls at the Gwangju Manhwa School. The investigation and trial in the case began in May 2006.

Penalties for sex crimes

The Supreme Court of South Korea affirmed the decision that Mr. A should serve a three-year prison term for sexual abuse. The judge ruled that the rape was “disgraceful conduct,” meaning that the act should have made the victim feel sexual shame or offense. The action must also be contrary to sound sexual moral norms and negatively affect the victim’s mental growth. If the court found that the crime is a sexual offense, the victim must be female to be convicted.

Until now, the penalties for illegally taking or distributing sexual photographs were relatively lenient. However, since this crime is increasingly common, the severity of the punishments has increased. Penalties for violating these laws range from five years in prison to fines of 50 million won. This is a significant increase from the previous punishment of only a few years ago. However, in the future, there will be harsher punishments for sexual crimes.

Legal deadline

It is possible to hire a lawyer for a sex crime case in Incheon, South Korea. However, some deadlines must be met. The first deadline is January 1, 2017 – a short amount of time to file a lawsuit. Afterward, the case can be barred by the statute of limitations. In addition, it must be filed within six months of the alleged crime.


Incheon is not the only city that faces sex violence. Seoul has made efforts to improve societal awareness of sexual violence and to protect victims. The city has created a legal and medical advisory group, consisting of over 170 members who specialize in the field. Their work is not easy and requires considerable financial resources. But if you are a victim of sexual violence, it is important to know your rights and defend yourself.

A conviction for a sex crime is serious business. The accusations will affect your professional and personal relationships, and may even hinder your educational pursuits. Thus, it is crucial to hire a top-quality criminal defense attorney to protect your reputation. You will need a well-prepared defense strategy to challenge the allegations. Once you have the right attorney on your side, you can challenge the charges with ease.

Cases involving a lawyer

As a lawyer for sexual crimes, I often handle cases of sexual harassment, molestation, and sexual assault. I know my client well, and I trust him with the case. In this case, Defendant repeatedly harassed and sexually assaulted eight female employees. He took advantage of his superior position and raped each of them over 14 times. I understand that there are cultural and social nuances that play a role in these types of cases. However, I have seen cases where a case has turned out to be extremely complicated, and the lawyer representing the defendant has handled cases involving such matters.

In the ‘Nth Room’ case, video footage was released from a spine clinic in May. It shows nursing assistants putting sutures and making incisions in patients’ bones. Lawyer Choi Jeong-kyu received the pictures from a former employee. He then shared them with broadcaster MBC. This video shows 19 surgeries in which nursing assistants used surgical machines on the bones of patients. The surgeons would arrive for five minutes per operation.