How to Hire a Party Planner

To become a party planner, you’ll need a knack for lists and organization. You must also be comfortable interacting with people. To learn more about this career, you can get some formal education. Many schools offer certification programs in event planning and related areas. Check out Captera, which lists certification programs offered by various schools. The site also gives you an idea of the cost and the subjects covered in each program. In addition, you can get some hands-on experience through internships.

Some companies will refer to themselves as a party planner, while others will call themselves event managers. A party planner is someone who organizes the venue and oversees the smooth running of a party. Some party planners also organize entertainment. Regardless of the role, a party planner can help make your dreams a reality. The most important thing to keep in mind is what you need from the event. Make sure you have a clear idea of what you want and need, and choose a company based on your preferences.

The costs of hiring a party planner may depend on the type of services that they provide. Some charge a flat fee, while others work on commission. Typically, fee-based planners assess your needs and quote you a fixed amount for agreed-upon tasks. Hourly party planners charge by the hour, though they may cap their overall hours for the event. A commission-based party planner receives payment from vendors. Generally, experts do not recommend a party planner receive both an hourly rate and a commission.

While hiring a party planner is a lucrative career option, there are several things you need to consider first. Besides your own personal space, you’ll also need office space. While most people work from home, a professional workspace is essential. You’ll need a personal computer, a printer with large capacity, and adequate space for storage. Your party planner will need access to a closet, or you may rent a temporary space with an open space.

You should also determine how much responsibility you want to delegate to your party planner. You need to find someone who is capable of handling more than just the planning portion. The majority of people will volunteer to do less or balk at greater responsibilities. Therefore, it’s vital to set expectations and find the person who is up for it. If you have a limited budget, a party planner will help you make the right decisions for the party.

While a party planner will be responsible for the high-level planning, they can also provide contact information for various services. Some planners will provide equipment rentals or help with set-up. Others are full-service, which means they’ll do everything from planning to execution. Full-service party planners are the top dogs at larger organizations. Think of them as managers. They can coordinate vendors and make sure all elements are ready on the big day.