How to Involve Kids in English Activities For Kids


There are many different ways to involve kids in English activities. Songs are a great way to get them involved in learning new vocabulary. Try modifying the words to include the name of an animal sound. Alternately, students can make up hand gestures for the words. Other ways to engage kids in learning English are to illustrate songs as an art project. Here are just a few fun ideas. You can also have fun just being silly!
Hot Potato

One of the best hot potato English activities for kids is the game of hot potato. Kids can play the game as an icebreaker in a new class. You can also incorporate music into the game if you want to motivate the students. In this way, you can make this game a bit more interesting for them. One type of hot potato game involves a timer and is referred to as the Time Bomb Hot Potato.


When it comes to teaching English, a good way to boost a child’s vocabulary is to incorporate fun dictionaries for kids. There are many free online resources, including the Oxford Owl – a great resource that lets kids play with words and improve their spelling. You can also use a hard copy dictionary for classroom activities. Just make sure that you consider the age range and learning styles of your students when choosing which activities will be most fun for your kids.
Memory games

If you want to make learning English fun for your kids, you can try out these memory games. These games help kids build up their memory skills by asking them to match images on cards. They can practice their skills by playing them several times until they can solve basic levels. You can use flashcards from LearnEnglish Kids to create these games. Using these flashcards will give you plenty of options to play. Here are a few fun ones to get your child started!

Young children may not understand the words and phrases on the cards and may require assistance reading the cards. Using picture flashcards and using pictures as a springboard for creativity can keep your young participants engaged. Even food and feelings can be great gestures for your young actors to act out. Kids can use their imagination to act out different scenarios, building their social awareness at the same time. If you’re looking for a great way to engage your young audience, try some of the fun Charades activities for kids.

Mystery box

In order to engage kids in the learning process, you can conduct mystery box activities with them. This activity can be played with a variety of different items, such as cut fruit or vegetables. Students can guess the contents by touching them, tasting them, and smelling them. Each group of students should write their guess next to the number of the box. Then, each student gets a turn to open the box and reveal the items within.
Making words on cardboard

For a simple learning activity for kids, stick a cup or another object on a sheet of paper. Your child can draw on it, or cut out the image from a magazine. Let your child use their own creativity to choose colors and write on the words they want to create. You can also draw an outline with an ink or marker pen. After your child has finished coloring his or her words, let him or her play a spelling bee!

Spelling bee

A great way to keep students engaged during the Spelling Bee is by playing games. Spelling bee activities for kids can include games that test word skills such as spelling bingo or memory match. You can play one game with one student or the whole class. These activities can help your students become more attentive and get more practice. Here are some fun ideas for Spelling Bee games for kids. If you have a hard time getting your kids interested in spelling, try these ideas!