How to Make a Shower Umbrella

The bride-to-be will be delighted to receive a baby shower favor – a colorful, custom made shower umbrella! She can choose from a variety of umbrella designs, including a Candy umbrella for her bridal shower, a Lace umbrella for her baby shower, and even a Bridal Shower umbrella! A shower umbrella is an essential part of any celebration and makes a great party favor, too! Here are some ways to create your own!

Bridal shower umbrella

For years, the traditional bridal shower umbrella has been synonymous with the occasion. A parasol made of lace has become the perfect companion to bridal shower decor. The name “bridal shower” refers to the mass of gifts thrown for the bride-to-be. Aside from the traditional gifts, there are many more useful items that can be added to the bridal shower parasol. There are also several ideas for umbrella-themed decorations to make your shower a memorable affair.

A 54″ bell-shape umbrella makes an elegant gift that highlights the special occasion. The umbrella has ribbed fiberglass and a sturdy central pole. A stylish curved plastic handle adds elegance to this elegant gift. Guests can also enjoy a memorable outdoor wedding beneath the shelter of the umbrella. A customized design on the umbrella is an elegant way to thank guests for attending the shower and to give the bride-to-be a memento to remember the day.

Baby shower umbrella

Decorative umbrellas make great baby shower favors. You can buy mini umbrellas or parasols to add a cute decorative touch. Or make your own with candy! Purple or yellow colors are gender-neutral choices. For the umbrellas, you can use patterned scrapbooking paper. It is the same thickness as regular printer paper. Be careful not to buy thick paper because it is harder to fold nicely. Then, you can find one with a colored side and a blank/white side.

Candy umbrella for a baby shower

You can also make a candy umbrella for a baby shower favor. This favor is made by attaching a piece of tulle around a candy stick’s base. You can find lollipop sticks in the baking section of your craft store. Do not confuse these sticks with wooden craft sticks or “popsicle” sticks. To make the candy umbrella, you will need a stick of about 4 inches (10 cm) long.

Another fun way to use decorative umbrellas is to make them into the shapes of an actual umbrella. You can even make a baby shower candy umbrella with a raindrop template. You can also make floating duckies in a bird bath or a decorative bowl. Invite guests to pick a ducky as they arrive and the person with the same number on both sides will win a prize. You can also use patterned scrapbooking paper for the invitations. This type of paper is similar to regular printer paper, but it has a patterned side and a blank/white side.

Lace umbrellas

Lace umbrellas for showers are an elegant addition to your decor. These umbrellas are available in white and make elegant centerpieces. Place small gifts all around the base of the umbrella. You can even pair them with cute accessories like scarves and gloves. You can use your imagination to decorate your bridal shower in the best way possible. With a little creativity and planning, your special day will be a lot more memorable than it could have been without the umbrellas.

Lace umbrellas for showers are an elegant way to add a touch of class to your special day. You can also use these umbrellas as photo props. You can purchase a lace parasol from a specialty store like Cedarhurst Party. Ensure that you have checked color selection and availability before you buy. For more ideas, browse through some of the websites that specialize in this type of party accessory. Then, you can select the perfect accessory for your big day.

Lace parasols

Among the many bridal shower accessories, a white lace parasol is a must-have. These umbrellas come with white lace on the outside and a metal base, making them a beautiful centerpiece. The lace can be decorated by placing tiny gifts around the base of the umbrella. The bride can even carry the umbrella on her wedding day. A creative bride can use lace parasols for showers to make her special day even more special.

A few lace umbrellas are available for a bridal shower, but these delicate pieces may not hold up to the downpour. However, you will be happy to find a stylish umbrella made of cotton. The intricate design will keep you shaded when the sun is shining. To make your event even more special, you can order an umbrella-shaped cake or cookies online. Another idea is to decorate your umbrella with confetti and leave it to dry.