How to Make Your Notes More Interesting and Useful

Ever wonder how you can make your notes more interesting and useful? You can easily do so by creating subfolders, adding photos and videos, and even scanning documents. If you’re on the go, these features can make your notes much more enjoyable. If you’re stuck on a certain topic, you can also create a search feature that lets you find specific text inside scanned documents and images. This will save you a lot of time when you’re jotting down ideas.

Creating a subfolder

When you create a new folder in Notion, you can name it whatever you want, or change it later. You can also move it from one section of the Notes app to another. And you can create a subfolder within a folder, just like you would with a normal folder. You can use the same method to make a subfolder in your work notes folder. Just make sure to put it in the right spot in the new folder.

You can also create a new folder in Gmail or iCloud. You can choose to create a new folder either from the sidebar or from the context menu. Once you have done this, you can compose your notes in the new folder or move them into a new folder. You can also delete existing folders to make room for new ones. Creating a subfolder is a simple way to organize your notes.

Adding photos

Adding photos to notes on Mac is as easy as dragging and dropping them into the note. Unlike Windows, Mac users can add photos and other files directly to their notes using the Photos app. To attach photos and other files, open the app’s Photos tab and tap “Add.” Next, select an item and click the Share button. Your note will now include the photos and videos you have uploaded. To add multiple photos and videos, you can repeat the steps above.

When you’ve finished adding text to your notes, select the photos you want to add to your notes. Adding photos to notes is as easy as clicking on the Photos icon in the document view. You can edit any photo on the page, and it stays selected while you’re working on it. To add another page, click on the “Add Page” icon in the top-right corner of the document view. Choose the “Before Page,” “After Page,” or “Last Pages” option.

Adding videos

Adding videos to notes is a simple way to add video to a note. With this simple tool, you can create notes that contain multiple images or videos. You can also attach links to files hosted on the web. When adding a video, make sure to set its quality to H.264. This way, other people can view and hear your video. You can also make your notes public or private. You can also create notes from links and files hosted on cloud platforms.

If you want to add a video to your note, you can record a new recording or add an existing one. To create a new recording, click “Add New Recording” and enter the information about the video. You can also check the box that says “Automatically generate captions from audio” to automatically generate captions for your video. Once the video has been recorded, you can either attach it to your note or insert it into a text editor.

Adding document scans

The iOS Notes app provides a feature for adding document scans to notes. After scanning a document, the Notes app will save the scanned document with a default title of “Scanned Documents”. To change this, simply tap on the title and change it to something more descriptive. The change will be instantly reflected at the top of the note. You can share a particular page with other people and share the document directly.

You can scan physical documents and store them in Notes or in PDF. When viewing a note, you can expand it and scroll through its pages. To share the document, select the “Share” button located at the upper right corner. Select the “Create PDF” option at the bottom of the share sheet. Once you’ve saved the document, you can share it with others using the Share sheet. If you need to print a document, you can send it to your iPad by transferring it to your iPhone.

Adding sketches

Adding sketches to notes is a great way to personalize the notes you make. Even though it’s not as exciting as writing out a full draft, the pros often return to sketches to add color or missing details. Here are some tips for adding sketches to notes. You can learn about them from micro tutorial videos. Also, try to keep it to a maximum of 15 minutes per sketch. This will give you ample time to polish your sketches.

Adding sketches to notes is a great way to capture your ideas and visualize the content you’re writing. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you can draw a rough sketch with your finger or use the Apple Pencil. For iPad users, you can also use a stylus pen. From the Home screen, tap on Notes and then choose “New Note.” You’ll see the keyboard and your drawing options. Tap on one of these to start drawing.