How to Market a Product Using Social Media and Video

If you’ve ever wondered how to market a product and have never been successful, look no further than Apple. Using brilliant marketing campaigns and reengineering existing products, Apple has turned them into commercial success stories. The iPhone, for example, destroyed competitors like Nokia and Blackberry in a few years. A better goal than the maximum number of sales is profitable sales volume. By using social media and video, you can engage your audience in a conversation about your brand and help them become customers.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is a great way to generate more traffic to your website. It is a great way to create an excellent customer experience and attract more visitors to your website. While many businesses focus on getting customers to buy their products, it is equally important to keep your current clients happy. Customers that are satisfied with your products and services are likely to leave positive reviews and spread good word-of-mouth about your brand. To improve the customer experience, host live events where you can interact with your existing and prospective customers. You can do this through apps like Livestorm and Instagram Live. For more information, consider hiring a professional to run your live event.

Social media

In order to drive more sales, Harish, a new flower shop owner, is looking to expand his business using digital channels. His objective is to connect with his audience and link the business to their experiences. He has a tagline, “Share happiness.” However, while social media is a fantastic medium for generating brand awareness, Harish has a limited audience and has not been able to meet his business goals within the first six months.

Search engine optimization

SEO or Search engine optimization is a technique that improves the visibility of a website on search engines. Higher rankings lead to higher website traffic and, ultimately, higher sales. SEO is a highly cost-effective marketing strategy that can even be used by small businesses. The first step to getting started with SEO is to conduct a keyword analysis. Essentially, this process is like a SWOT analysis for SEO. The analysis is intended to determine which keywords are best suited for a given website.


Creating a video is an essential part of any marketing strategy, and a powerful video can be the key to capturing the attention of your target audience. A good video should follow a basic framework. It must feature a protagonist with a goal, and this character should align with your target demographic. It should also contain a conflict or pain point that the product or service solves. It should also include a quest or scene that introduces the product or service and its benefits. The elements of a good story must lead the viewer on a journey, and they should align with the brand’s mission.

In-depth customer research

In-depth customer research for marketing helps you understand what drives your customers and what is most important to them. This kind of research can help you distinguish yourself from the competition and identify the key points that your target audience is looking for in your products or services. Focus groups and in-depth interviews are great ways to gather qualitative data, as they allow for two-way communication with consumers. The moderator’s notes and the research results help you better understand your target audience’s wants, needs, and desires.