How to Market a Product

What is marketing? Marketing is the management process that identifies a product and determines its demand, price, and distribution channels. It also involves the development of a promotional strategy, researching consumer desires, and determining how feasible it is to produce and sell the product. Once a product is created, it is marketed by using the four Ps. Listed below are a few of the ways to go about marketing a product. Read on for more information.

Four Ps of marketing

The Four Ps of marketing are a set of guidelines for creating an effective marketing campaign. They were developed by Professor Neil Borden at Harvard University in the 1940s. When used together, these elements create a successful marketing mix. The Four Ps of marketing work to attract consumers by enhancing brand awareness and attracting new customers. But, there are other elements that are equally important to a successful marketing campaign. Listed below are some examples of how to make your marketing plan effective.

Market research

Marketing research is the process of studying the needs of consumers and their purchasing habits. By gathering data, companies can improve their products and services. The findings of research studies help companies create new products, develop more innovative services and improve existing ones. There are two kinds of market research: quantitative and qualitative. A quantitative survey will tell how many people use a certain product. A qualitative survey will tell how satisfied customers are with a specific product. Once a company understands the preferences of consumers, it can design new products and services that meet their needs and desires.


Placement in marketing is a strategy for promoting a product by inserting references to it in another work. Product placement is also known as embedded marketing. The purpose of placing a product’s name in a work is to promote the brand. This technique can be used in a wide variety of ways, from television commercials to the inclusion of promotional messages in the form of ads. Here are some common examples of this strategy:


Product marketing has many facets. Product marketers help accelerate growth, communicate value, and drive distribution of a product. Some of the most common functions of product marketers are:


The term “promotion” means to advertise a product or service to create awareness of its availability. The word comes from the Latin term promovere, which means “to move from one end to the other.” The purpose of marketing promotion is to get a product in front of consumers, thus driving sales. Promotion involves information, persuasion, and influence. It can be used to create demand for a product or service by reminding consumers of its benefits and features.