How to Open a Opening Pot

An opening pot is one that allows you to plant the seed of a new crop into a growing medium. Its unique design makes it ideal for container gardening. Its system involves seeding into paper pots connected by a chain that feeds itself through a transplanter. A new flat of paper pots comes compressed, and metal opening rods are used to insert them into the sides of the compressed pot. Then, the flat is pulled apart to reveal the honeycomb of cells that make up the pot. Common paper pot flats are 264 cells in number.

Developing your skills in opening clay pots is crucial for creating a functional piece. During the forming process, you can use your thumb and middle finger to pinch the bottom of the clay. You can also use your thumb and clay needle tools to check the depth of the well. Once you’ve finished pressing your fingers down on the clay, curl your middle finger under the thumb. As you work to open the clay, keep in mind the depth of the well, since if it’s too deep, the pot will break completely.

If there are more than two limpers in the pot, you should raise your hand or raise if you’re holding a weak hand. In a pot with several limpers, the equity of your hand decreases, and you’ll need to fold a stronger hand to maximize your earnings. To minimize the amount of time you spend playing with weak hands, you should play more often with high-value hands, and raise only when you’ve a solid hand.