How to Pass the Certified Nursing Assistant Examination

If you are a recent graduate from a State-approved CNA program, you should take the Certified Nursing Assistant Examination. The application should be completed by the program coordinator or employer. The last step is the exam. Successful examinees receive their certificates about ten days after completing the testing requirements. It is possible to check their status online several days before the certificate is delivered. To take the examination, applicants must have a valid U.S. LPN or RN license, or a diploma from nursing school. If they did not attend nursing school, they must contact the NYSDOH.

The Nursing Aide Exam consists of two parts: the practical portion, which involves carrying out nurse aide duties, and the in-depth evaluation of indirect care behaviors. The test examiner will provide instructions and written directions. The Prometric website also contains a skill checklist and general instructions for taking the exam. The indirect behaviors will be assessed as you complete each task. Candidates may take the exam up to three times without having to retrain.

Before taking the exam, it is important to complete a CNA training course. While online courses may be available for those who already have a nursing assistant certificate, they aren’t recommended for beginners. Those who have not taken a CNA training course should make sure to enroll in a course that offers hands-on training. By passing the test, you will be able to provide quality care and show employers that you’re competent.

A patient in the bed of a nursing assistant may be under airborne precautions because they are suspected of having tuberculosis. A doctor may have ordered a sputum specimen collection. The best time to take the sputum specimen is before the patient goes to sleep. In addition, it is best to leave the patient’s room if it seems like the patient is masturbating. These cases will not be covered by the scope of practice of the nursing assistant.

Nurses supervise the Nursing Assistant’s work and oversee the daily care of patients in a hospital or nursing home. They perform tasks, including feeding, bathing, recording ailments, and repositioning patients in their beds. They must be attentive, reliable, and compassionate to ensure patient comfort. Moreover, they must be able to work in a team of professionals, especially in an environment where people are often sick and need medical care.

For taking a pulse, nurses must wait 15 minutes before using the radial artery as the easiest place to access. If the patient is on bedrest, they must be turned over every two hours. If a resident is coughing, the nurse should ask if the patient is choking or is feeling a low pulse. Similarly, if the client is in pain, they should be monitored by a nurse and given additional treatment.

The Certified Nursing Assistant Exam is designed to assess the candidate’s skills and ability to care for patients. During the test, a nurse assistant must demonstrate proficiency in all aspects of patient care. Their duties may include bathing, changing bed positions, assisting patients to eat, and checking vital signs. In some states, CNAs can also administer medication. However, it is important to take the exam for a nursing assistant job to get the job.