How to Position an Offensive Tank in World of Warcraft

Until recently, target detection and identification for the offensive tank relied on visual recognition, accomplished with telescopic periscopes. This method improved situational awareness but also increased the tank’s vulnerability to sniper fire. Since then, several developments have taken place, including the development of electronic target detection. Today, the technology enables tanks to detect and engage targets without ever leaving their hull. To improve its target detection capabilities, the offensive tank can deploy multiple sensors, including a high-resolution sight that allows the commander to see the entire battlefield.


As a Vanguard Tank, you have five unique abilities that you can use to build threat and reduce damage taken. You should use Energy Blast to minimize damage, and you should focus on using your main damaging ability, Stock Strike, most of the time. This rotation also builds threat by casting powerful abilities such as Muzzle Augs and Energy Shields. Despite the range of Vanguard Tank skills, there are many ways to customize the rotation for maximum performance.

The first thing to remember is that Vanguard tanks aren’t very vulnerable, but they also can’t track them, which makes them a good choice for the current meta. It’s important to keep your teammate from getting hit by Vanguard, so send shells to targets that move slowly or fast. As a green, you can help a Vanguard teammate out by helping your teammate. It’s great to see other greens using Vanguards in a team, and you can even help out a friend in need by assisting him.

Chain Hook

The Chain Hook is an offensive tank’s primary tool for dealing massive amounts of damage to enemies. It works as a stun and can be used to stop ultimates. When used correctly, it can also instakill heroes. Often, it can even destruct larger enemies. Roadhog’s primary damage output is Hook and Shoot, but it can also be used to burst down shielded targets. The best time to use Chain Hook is immediately after shooting.

The Roadhog’s Chain Hook is a very effective way to pull fresh prey into melee range. When used correctly, the Chain Hook can cause huge damage to most heroes and Tanks. It also cancels certain abilities, such as Reinhardt’s Charge, Pharah’s Barrage, and D.Va’s Mech. Using the Chain Hook is an excellent way to disrupt these abilities while still maintaining mobility, and it is important to have the room to travel around your enemies.


As an offensive tank, the Roadhog is an excellent choice when other tanks and heroes are unable to deal with its speed and high health. The Roadhog’s hook makes him a highly effective kill-machine, but he has his limitations against heroes like Reaper and Tracer. He can be very difficult to kill if you don’t know how to use it effectively, so practice your aim before using it. The hook also reduces enemy health and is extremely effective in controlling space.

As an offensive tank, the Roadhog is a great choice for teams looking to put their opponents on the defensive, as its dual-attacks have a short cooldown, but they’re also extremely sneaky, and it’s possible to pull the enemy backline away with it. That can cause panic in the opposing team, causing the opponent’s focus to shift to other players. It’s a powerful tank that is great for taking out carries before they can take them down.


Compared to Tigreal, the Akai is the better offensive tank in the early to mid game. The most important thing to consider when using this tank is positioning, as being off-positioned can cause a failed set and even death. Positioning the Akai properly is the key to success, so use the following tips to help you position the tank properly. This guide will help you decide which heroes are best to use as an Akai.

The Akai’s mobility skill is her main set-up for her ult. When used properly, it can lock down an enemy hero’s movement, making her an effective choice against assassins and mm. If played correctly, however, it can be an effective escape skill. The ability to burn down enemies with her ultimate can also make it an excellent way to kill other teammates. It can also be used to clean up other crowd control abilities.


The Baxia offensive tank is a versatile hero who excels in teamfights. She can be used for timely ganks and initiation, and she can take considerable damage before dying. The only weakness of her damage output is that she only has one mana pool. Thankfully, her passive and ultimate will help her deal with enemy regen and reduce her damage output. While the Baxia isn’t the most powerful offensive tank in the game, she can be a great ally.

To make the most of your tank’s stats, you’ll need to invest in a decent Tank Emblem. Tenacity gives you great defenses and cooldown reduction, while Vitality provides boosted health. Inspire is a good choice if you’re looking to control enemies. Meanwhile, Tenacity is another great passive to pair with your tank, giving you the ability to survive health drops. Tenacity also helps you survive enemy attacks and works well with your passive to keep the Baxia alive.