How to Prepare for a Higher Qualification Examination

When you sit for a higher qualification examination, you are likely to be asked to respond to several question types. Your answers must be structured to support your arguments and cite appropriate literature sources. References must be APA style. Some qualifying examination questions will require you to complete a complex higher education case study, in which you must perform analysis and write action plans. Supporting references from core higher education courses will also be required. Then, you must pass all of the other sections of the examination to achieve your goal.

Statistics on students enrolled in higher education institutions are compiled by the Higher Education Statistics Agency, in collaboration with the Department for Education and Skills. These statistics are preliminary, and should be interpreted with caution. The figures reported here may not match figures published elsewhere. They have been adjusted to take account of an under-reporting incident in one institution. For more information, see a previous version of this SFR. This publication also includes figures from earlier years.