How to Promote Your Law Firm Through Email Marketing

If you are an attorney who has recently started a law firm, you have probably wondered how you can begin to promote your practice through law firm advertising. While the answer to these questions will differ depending on your firm’s size, you can begin marketing your firm immediately. Email marketing is one of the easiest ways to market your practice, and many email marketing platforms offer free trials to get you started. Mailchimp is a popular email marketing platform that offers a free trial.


The ethics in lawyer advertising marketing rules vary from state to state. While it is legal to advertise as a lawyer, you should always treat your competitors fairly. Whether it is through social media or traditional print advertisements, you should present your services as accurately as possible. You should also be honest about your years in practice, how many cases you have won, and which area of law you specialize in. Working with a reputable marketing company that understands state laws and ethical issues in lawyer advertising marketing is recommended.

While there are numerous ethical rules governing lawyer advertising, the law firm industry is particularly complicated. Many lawyers still face the same challenge as finding new clients: marketing a law firm is an essential part of client acquisition. This is why it is essential to hire a marketing agency with expertise in the field. Unlike non-specialized firms, Postali focuses on the legal industry and is constantly learning about ethical issues. In this webinar, we’ll explore some of the key principles of lawyer advertising marketing, and common mistakes made by law firms in their efforts to reach out to clients.

Until recently, advertising for attorneys was illegal. Now, however, many lawyers are making use of the internet to promote their services. While digital marketing can help amp up business, it is crucial to remain conscious of the ethics in lawyer advertising marketing. Following these guidelines can help lawyers attract new clients and improve their overall success. Remember, however, that these guidelines are constantly changing. Please check your local state bar’s ethical guidelines before implementing any marketing strategies.


Attorneys are well aware of the ethical rules of attorney advertising marketing. It is unethical to make false claims about services, results, and fees. Similarly, using adjectives like “the best” or “cheapest” in advertising can be deceptive. These marketing rules are not unique to lawyers; they apply to all kinds of advertising. Listed below are some general rules for lawyers. Follow them and your ads should be ethical.

o Use the right technology. Modern technology has made advertising online easier, but lawyers should still abide by advertising rules. While traditional methods like television and newspaper advertisements remain viable, many lawyers use the Internet to advertise their services. For instance, attorney websites are regarded as advertisements by many states. Hence, attorneys need to make sure that their websites comply with the rules and regulations of their state bar. To keep clients happy and avoid violating ethical rules, it is important to learn the rules of lawyer advertising marketing.

o Advertisements should not contain personal information. While lawyers are allowed to advertise, they are prohibited from providing individual advice. However, lawyers are free to promote their services by using content marketing, public speaking, blogging, and other educational and publishing endeavors. However, lawyer advertising rules do not affect the rights of attorneys to accept employment. Lawyers cannot advertise their services without the consent of their clients, but they may accept an employment that arises from these activities.


The cost of lawyer advertising can be intimidating, especially if you are only starting out. But remember that your college tuition was an investment, and you will need to spend money on marketing to grow your firm. In addition to the costs of lawyer advertising, your firm must invest in brand maintenance and research to become more visible in the market. Below are some ways to get started with marketing your firm online. Let’s start with Google AdWords and Facebook marketing.

Depending on your practice area, your law firm may spend as little as $8,000 per month on paid advertising, which is less than half of what you spend on other forms of advertising. However, a good rule of thumb for spending money on lawyer advertising is 2% to 18% of your gross revenue. A realistic budget for SEO and Google AdWords is about $7,500 a month. Depending on your marketing goals, this figure can be significantly higher.

Keeping up with trends and technology is essential for increasing your reach and generating new business. For example, you can use Facebook and Twitter ads to reach your target audience. In addition, you can use legal CRM software to run automated email campaigns and social media posts. The costs of new tools should be weighed against the benefits they bring to your business. You may want to invest in these new tools, but remember that they will cost you time.

Lead generation

In lawyer advertising marketing, lead generation is the process of attracting prospective clients to your firm. You can drive high-quality leads to your sales funnel from various sources, such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, and targeted online advertising. This article will give you some ideas of the strategies to generate quality leads for your law firm. Read on to discover how to implement these marketing strategies for lawyer advertising. You can expect a better return on investment for your marketing efforts.

Google Adwords: You can get a decent ROI with this type of marketing strategy, despite the fact that the space you’ll have for your advert is limited. This strategy is great for generating leads, but you must ensure that your targeted audience takes action. You can use text only adverts, text and images, or video ads. The key to success here is to focus on the message, not the advertising medium.

Using call tracking software: A popular tool to track your leads is CallRail. Call tracking helps you analyze whether your marketing strategy is working by measuring the number of calls you receive from a particular campaign. This tool allows you to track the number of leads you generate and whether or not they convert into paying clients. Call tracking is a crucial part of lead generation in lawyer advertising marketing. The ability to measure how many leads you’re generating through your advertising efforts will help you determine which campaigns are bringing in the most revenue.

Social proof

In lawyer advertising, social proof is an important component. Case studies, for instance, are useful in demonstrating your expertise in the field. Using real-life client testimonials is another effective way to add social proof. You can also highlight your firm’s success in a case study or write short synopses of some of your most notable victories. In both cases, social proof is a powerful marketing tool. As a result, the law firm will receive higher conversion rates, a definite win in a legal advertising marketing strategy.

Social proof works because people follow other people’s actions. When we are uncertain and stressed, we look for other people’s opinions to determine our own actions. When we follow the opinions of others, we automatically incorporate these into our own decision-making process. For this reason, the concept of social proof in lawyer advertising marketing is so important. The concept of social proof is based on the research that shows how people naturally imitate the behavior of others.

The most powerful social proof comes from customer reviews. In addition to promoting your services, it also demonstrates your commitment to the community. Whether they are online or offline, customers will leave reviews and testimonials about your services. Positive reviews will inspire customers to buy your services. You can even have a dedicated section on your website for user-generated content (UGC).

Using long tail keywords

One way to increase your SEO ranking is by using long-tail keywords in your lawyer advertising. These terms have more meaning than a single-word term, and are more likely to improve your ranking. While there are many benefits to optimizing your site for long-tail keywords, other law firms don’t use this method as often. In fact, they may consider it counter-productive – and may even focus on other types of keywords.

While it is tempting to use short-phrase keywords that aren’t too competitive, ranking for them can take several months. In the meantime, your competitors, who have been using SEO for a long time, are likely ahead of you. If you want to use PPC ads above organic search results or local map results, it may be better to use longer-tail keywords. Moreover, they are less competitive than short-tail keywords.

You should use multiple tools and strategies to optimize your website for long-tail keywords. You should check out competitors’ websites, such as Linkio, Ahrefs, and BuzzSumo. You can also check how they rank for these terms. Don’t copy their strategy! It’s better to take the competition’s strategies as a launching point than to copy them verbatim. If you find a good combination of these tools, you’ll see significant increases in your traffic and conversions.