How to Select a Delivery Box

When selecting a delivery box, there are a few key features you need to look for. Whether you’re shipping a large package or one that’s smaller, a lockable lid, high capacity, and durability are all important factors to consider. Make sure you choose one with a secure hinged lid, adjustable anchoring system, and a large capacity, as well as one with a lockable compartment. Keep in mind that the box should be secure but not secure enough to be dangerous.

Locking feature

A delivery box’s Locking feature keeps your package safe until you can retrieve it. If you have several deliveries, a Lockbox can help you prevent theft and increase community morale. You can also use the feature to keep track of your deliveries and set secondary alerts to be notified when someone attempts to open the box. You can install the lock on the box or use the Connect Bridge to get a mobile app to control the Lockbox.

If you are shipping a lot, the Yale Smart Lock package box is a good option for you. This delivery box has an automatic locking lid that is easy for the delivery person to open, but difficult for thieves. The lock is activated by a button on the inside of the box. The outside lid is also activated by a second latch, and you can even set the lock to auto-unlock when the battery is running low.

Large capacity

A large capacity delivery box has many advantages for a feedlot or dairy operation. These boxes are both truck-mounted and trailer-mounted, and feature innovative twin-auger designs. In addition, they have multiple discharge options for different types of rations. The Allux 800L delivery box can take up to 16x39x45cm parcels. It also features an easy-to-install locking cylinder for added security.


There are many different factors to consider when selecting a delivery box. The first of which is its strength. While it is possible to get away with using any old cardboard box, you should also consider the strength of the box itself. Using a cardboard box is much better than using a flimsy one that might tear or even deform. You should also consider the shape and design of the box before you purchase it.

Adjustable anchoring system

An Adjustable anchoring system for delivery boxes will help you hold it in place securely without the need for additional hardware. These anchors are made of dynex, a material that is highly adjustable and versatile. They are built to withstand the stresses and strains of moving or unloading large items, and can withstand up to 22 kN of force. While the system is ideal for securing boxes, it will also help you prevent any injuries or accidents when handling the delivery box.

This adjustable anchoring system will secure the box to the wall, providing the maximum support for the box. KSN Anchors are used to secure the box to the ground and are delivered pre-assembled to the site. The anchors are fixed with hexagon-head screws and feature a dimpled surface for added strength. There are several different sizes of KSN Anchors in the KSN range to suit your needs.