How to Start a Brand Blog

How to Start a Brand Blog

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Your brand blog should be an integral part of your marketing strategy. Not only will it increase brand awareness and generate new leads, it will also keep existing customers engaged. A well-written blog can even be used as a sales tool. To learn more about how you can start a brand blog, check out SMW Insider, which offers full-length sessions from official Social Media Week conferences. Allison has experience in digital marketing and has worked with small businesses and non-profits.

For example, the eco-friendly cleaning products company Blueland weaves its sustainable mission throughout its content. Their brand blog, meanwhile, aims to provide practical information that customers can use to make a decision. Blueland focuses on quick reads and actionable takeaways to engage customers. To make sure that your brand blog will continue to deliver results, consider measuring the performance of your content over time. This way, you can make changes based on audience interest, improve your approach and adjust your business model.

If you’re a woman looking to break the stereotype of male-dominated workplaces, you can write about gender equality on your blog. You can also post about street style and fitness. These are just a few ideas you can use to add some fun to your brand blog. You may even be able to find a few new ideas for your new clothing line. The possibilities are endless! And, if you’re looking to promote a specific cause, consider a brand blog extension for your business.

David Brier, a branding consultant, is an excellent resource for new trends. His practice focuses on storytelling in brand development and building community relationships through communication design. David is the author of four books and speaks to many industry experts on brand presence. He is also a social media and presence expert. The author of “Storytelling in Brand Development” and “Facebook Engagement: Building Online Community Relationships” by David Brier, Litmus Interactive, Sprout Social, and The Power of a Brand Blog

Another way to develop a brand blog is to create a niche site. A niche blog, as its name implies, is aimed at a specific topic or industry and supports the business brand. A good example of a niche blog is the M.M. LaFleur brand, which offers professional apparel for women. In addition to sharing information on women’s empowerment, the blog covers topics such as home improvement, re-decorating, and interior design.

Those who are new to blogging can use analytics tools to measure the impact of their posts. For example, BuzzSumo provides metrics for social sharing. This can help brands measure the success of their content and measure its competition. By understanding the audience, brands can better gauge how well their posts are performing. With proper tracking, you can see if your content is getting enough viral traffic. It’s also helpful to know how many people are sharing your posts, as that will help you decide whether you should continue building a successful blog or not.