How to Treat Your Clients Like Gold

Computer networks use a client-server model, where a client is a piece of hardware or software that accesses a service made available by the server. The client connects to the server over a network, often through a Web browser. Empathetic clients struggle to take constructive advice, but the best way to make their lives better is to invest in their success. Here are some tips for treating your clients like gold. They’ll appreciate your efforts.

Empathetic clients struggle with receiving constructive advice

A client who struggles with constructive feedback is often empathetic. Empathy allows you to empathize with another person’s feelings, so it is difficult for them to hear criticism. Empathetic clients, however, are open to feedback. In fact, it may be best to provide feedback in a sensitive manner, focusing on the positive aspects of the relationship or project. That way, they are more likely to accept it and implement it.

Unresponsive clients

Working with unresponsive clients is inevitable. Some will ignore your requests to meet in person, and others will be too busy to respond. Regardless of your preferred method, make sure to follow up on any unreturned emails and texts. Even if your client fails to respond to your emails or texts, you can still get a response via phone call or text. If you do not have the time to schedule face-to-face meetings, follow up by email or text is an effective way to get their attention.

Try to schedule follow-up meetings with your unresponsive clients. Although not all unresponsive clients will respond to voice calls, some will be insistent that you meet with them. You may need to reach their alternate contact person or provide a backup plan in case they do not respond to your follow-up calls. While calendar due-dates are rarely useful when clients are unresponsive, they can be a backup plan to keep your timeline on track.