How to Turn Call Time Display Off on Your Android Phone

Are you tired of hearing the annoying call time display every time someone calls you? If so, this article is for you! In this article, you’ll learn how to disable call time display on your Android phone. Also, learn how to disable the “Smart Stay” option in Settings menu. Then, turn off the infrared proximity sensor. This should prevent the display from waking up whenever someone calls you. Hopefully, these tips will help you fix this annoying feature!

Disable Smart Stay option in Settings menu

Fortunately, it’s easy to disable the Smart Stay option in Android’s settings menu. This handy feature prevents the phone’s screen from turning off when the user is staring at it. However, it only works when there is sufficient light or when the camera is unable to detect the user’s gaze. Fortunately, you can disable the feature by following these steps:

You can disable the Smart Stay option in your Samsung Galaxy S6 by going to Advanced features > Motions and gestures and scrolling to the call time section. This will disable this feature for you, and make sure that it’s off when you’re speaking to someone. It’s a simple fix, but the screen won’t go black during the call unless you press the power button.

Disabling Smart Stay will also prevent the phone’s screen from turning off while you are reading. If you’re reading a long article, this feature is very useful, as it won’t automatically turn off unless you manually touch it. Using the same feature on your iPhone will prevent you from accidentally deleting an important call while reading. This option is also useful for people who want to read long articles without looking at the screen.

Disable infrared proximity sensor

When making a phone call, the phone’s infrared proximity sensor can cause the screen to turn off. This can make the phone unusable until you restart it. This is a terrible experience. If you’d like to prevent this from happening, follow these steps to disable the infrared sensor. Here are some of the most common reasons why infrared proximity sensors are not a good idea.

First, you need to check the proximity sensor. If it’s malfunctioning, it’s possible that it’s a foreign object. In such a case, you may want to remove your protective case or remove the phone from your pocket. The phone should turn back on when you remove your hand. If the proximity sensor is functioning properly, you can simply hold the phone closer to your ear while making calls.

Another reason you may want to disable the proximity sensor is if you’re worried about accidentally pressing an option. By default, the screen will turn off when you’re answering a call, but you can disable this feature in settings. This way, your screen won’t turn on until you remove the obstruction. In addition to preventing unwanted interactions during phone calls, you can also save battery life by disabling the sensor.