How to Turn Off the Call Time on Your Android Phone

Having a phone that constantly shows the call time? There are a few ways to disable this on your Android phone. You can start by disabling the Smart Stay option. You can also find the setting under Incoming Calls and Settings. You can choose to display the time when a call comes in and off when you’re not using it. You can also find ways to disable the infrared proximity sensor. To turn off the call time display, simply follow the instructions below.

Smart Stay option

To use the Smart Stay option when the call time display is off, open the Advanced features menu and select Motions and gestures. Then tap the Off toggle button. When the call time display is off, the screen will remain off. If the screen stays on for 15 seconds or more, the Smart Stay icon will disappear from the Notification Bar. Then, return to the Home screen. Once this option is disabled, it won’t appear in the Notification Bar again.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 also has a Smart Stay option. Enabling this option will keep the display on while the user is looking at the phone. If the screen is on, the phone will recognize that the user is looking at it and will not turn off the display until the user turns it off again. However, if the user is using the phone while watching television, the screen will remain off. This feature is useful if the phone is placed on a table or in a car, where it would be easily visible to others.

Disable Smart Stay option

If you’re looking for a way to save battery, the Disable Smart Stay option on your Samsung Galaxy S6 may be the answer. The feature automatically turns off after a certain amount of time, whether the user is actively looking at the screen or not. The problem? It’s a software glitch that can easily be fixed by factory reset. Just be sure to back up any personal data on your phone before doing so.

To enable the Smart Stay feature, go to the Display section of your settings on the Samsung Galaxy S6. Tap the gear icon. Tap Controls. Swipe down twice to reveal the menu. Then tap the Smart Stay toggle to turn it on. Smart Stay won’t work if the device is docked, held upright, or when a source of light is behind the screen. You can also disable it if you don’t use the phone frequently.

Disable infrared proximity sensor

If you’re having trouble seeing the call time on your iPhone, you might be experiencing a problem with the proximity sensor. This device is based on infrared technology, which can detect when you’re close enough to the phone to turn it on. If the sensor is covered, the screen will be off during calls, and will not come on when you’re done talking. It’s a simple fix to fix the issue and stop your phone from displaying the call time.

In order to turn off the call time display, you need to disable the proximity sensor on your phone. This feature is useful for preventing accidental touch while you’re on the phone. The sensor detects the closeness of an object, such as a face, and sends an infrared ray. When an object is near the phone’s screen, the infrared ray bounces off it, activating the screen. However, you can disable this feature by accessing the settings menu and finding “Display and Audio” in the list.