How to Use Hootsuite for Twitter

How to Use Hootsuite for Twitter

Twitter is a social network that lets you interact with other people and share your ideas. In addition to following others and posting your own content, you can also retweet someone else’s posts, which will then appear on their timeline. Other ways to interact with others on Twitter are by commenting, replying and liking posts. Through direct messages, users can send links and other information to other users. Unlike retweets, direct messages are private between you and the recipient. Anyone can send you a direct message, so you don’t need to follow any other users to start a conversation.


The interface of TweetDeck allows you to follow as many Twitter accounts as you like. You can delegate access without sharing your password. Users can login with their existing Twitter accounts and add them as contributors, or you can invite them as admins. In both cases, a contributor can only perform actions on behalf of the account they are connected to. You can add as many as 200 Twitter accounts to the TweetDeck interface. It will keep track of your tweets and send them out automatically.


Using Hootsuite for Twitter is a powerful way to schedule posts on your favorite social network. Posting to your Twitter feed too often can be unproductive and waste your time. By scheduling your posts, you’ll never have to worry about not posting something important on your social network. Hootsuite also allows you to post across other social platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Its curated content will work wonders for your business’s marketing efforts.

Twitter’s algorithmic timeline

Twitter has made changes to its algorithmic timeline, which surfaces tweets according to the time they were posted, in reverse chronological order. While the number of tweets presented to a user varies with how long they have been away, most will be from people they follow. Tweets will be presented in reverse chronological order, meaning they could be hours or days old. Although the algorithmic timeline may seem like a good idea, it is not something we should take lightly.


To maximize the reach of your tweets on Twitter, you should use hashtags. Depending on the content you’re sharing, you can use different hashtags to increase exposure. However, make sure you’re relevant. When choosing a hashtag, consider what your audience already knows about the topic you’re discussing. You can also use a TagDef to define it more clearly. If you’re unsure of what a hashtag is, start by looking up the definition.

Direct messages

If you’ve been wondering how to view your direct messages on Twitter, you’re in luck! Twitter is planning to roll out some improvements to the way it handles direct messages over the next few weeks. One of those changes is the ability to send a message to multiple people in separate conversations. This will eliminate accidental group chats, and you’ll also be able to share a tweet with up to 20 people at a time.


If you want more retweets on Twitter, you should start by talking about Twitter more. Twitter users are used to interacting with others’ thoughts. The more people retweet your tweet, the more likely they’ll retweet your tweet as well. This is one reason that many businesses are focused on retweeting others. By learning how to maximize your retweets, you can create better content and increase the number of people following you.