How to Use Manner Mode in World of Warcraft

In addition to avoiding party and other members’ ks mobs, manner mode is also helpful for players who want to avoid damage dealers and their targets. When used correctly, manner mode is an invaluable tool in combat. Despite being an overrated skill, manner mode can have a number of important benefits, including avoiding ks mobs in general. Let’s look at several ways to use it in a combat setting.


Gyaku-Gire Panda is a Level 3 monster with a base ATK of 3300 and an additional 500 ATK per monster it destroys. In this battle, it managed to destroy one of Rebecca’s Goat Tokens, reducing its ATK to 2800 and gaining two hundred LPs in the process. It also dealt 500 damage by FP. I am still not sure why the Gyaku-Gire Panda attacked me, but the fact that I did not pay 700 LPs to summon this monster was pretty good.

As a player, you may have noticed an increase in reports of gyaku-gire attacks in the news recently. However, these are not necessarily signs that your opponent is preparing to fight back. The majority of Japanese players aren’t naturally agitators, and while the news coverage has been quite harrowing, the city of Tokyo seems to be transitioning into a more peaceful and civilized form of government.