How to Use the Internet to Promote Your Business in Thailand

How to Use the Internet to Promote Your Business in Thailand

Before the Internet, the online world was a completely uncharted, unpopulated space, largely devoid of any activity. The Internet became permanently linked to the physical world in 1985 when each country was given its own virtual space, which they designated with a two-letter code within the Domain Name System. Today, the online world is home to 3.2 billion people, and each country’s virtual space is represented by a specific domain. The virtual landscape has been shaped by the online domains.

Three-dimensional spaces

The Web3D Consortium is working on a new format for 3-D rendering, VRML, which may influence interactive set-top boxes for digital television. Other companies have their own strategies for incorporating 3-D into the online world. Macromedia, the maker of popular Shockwave Web-animation software, is working with Intel on a strategy for building 3-D experiences in the online world. But it will take more than just new software.

Interaction with other people

Among the University of Illinois’ professors who study computer-mediated communication, the Internet, and online interactions, only one in five individuals ever interact with people of a different religion. That’s in stark contrast to the religiously homogeneous nations of Tunisia and Jordan, where more than four out of ten individuals never encounter people of a different religion. Yet these statistics indicate that the internet is a powerful tool for fostering community.


When you think about advertising, you might picture advertisements on television. But what about online? The internet is a global environment, and people spend more time online than ever before. Even children are becoming internet users and senior citizens are using social media. Because of this, the need for Thai advertising is greater than ever. Let’s take a look at some ways to reach Thai consumers through online media. Here are some examples. To begin, consider using Google AdWords to market your product.


Many individuals who would otherwise not be able to attend a traditional college or university prefer to take courses online. These courses allow students to juggle work and school. In a traditional classroom, students have to come to class on a specific day and time, while in an online course, they set their own schedules. Most students have other commitments, including family and careers, so online courses provide more flexibility. Students can learn at anytime of day or night.


What does business in the online world mean? It includes businesses of all types. These include entrepreneurs and service providers. Before the internet, a business had to operate offline. If someone wanted to buy something, they would have to go to the store, contact the seller, or mail a check. Today, a person can conduct business with almost anyone in the world, whether at a local store or online. In addition, there are many different online business models, and people can use any of these to grow their businesses.