Human Resource Management in the Office

There are many aspects of human resource management that can improve the effectiveness of an office. Besides putting the right employee in the right place, this function also involves the identification of different resources and assets required in the office. The human resource function is responsible for purchasing the appropriate assets at reasonable prices and developing a systematic mechanism to acquire them. Listed below are the most significant aspects of the human resource function. To make the office work better, it should be well-designed, with a functional workflow.

Information technology

One major category of information technology in the office is the computer. These machines can store calendars of events, meetings, and employees’ schedules. All employees can access a common electronic calendar and choose when and where they will meet. Computers have the ability to tie the employees in teams and enable them to work together efficiently. The use of computers in the office is not new. However, newer technologies have significantly altered the way businesses operate.

In the 1980s, companies began using personal computers in the office. These new computers primarily served in billing and accounting departments. IBM quickly became a leading firm in this field and led the way in expanding the use of computers in the office. Around 1964, IBM introduced the first “word processing typewriter,” which consisted of a computer-like device that controlled a modified Selectric typewriter. The information to be printed was stored on special cards.


The benefits of ergonomics in the office are many. In addition to promoting healthy posture and a reduction in workplace injuries, this practice also improves employee satisfaction and overall wellbeing. Here are some of the reasons why workplace ergonomics is important for your organization:

In addition to preventing injuries, ergonomics can increase employee productivity by up to 11%. Many studies have shown that adjusting the office furniture to improve ergonomics has a direct impact on employee health. Even a small ergonomic change can make a big difference. Ergonomics in the office can save your company thousands of dollars in lost productivity and health care costs. And if your employees are happier at work, that’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Public relations

The strategic application of public relations in the office yields the greatest value for an organization. Most successful organizations have a set of core strategies that are integrated with their overall vision and underlying values. For example, a computer company’s vision may be to be the low-cost provider of computing power to developing countries. The senior management team works together to craft this set of strategies. The resulting synergy of these elements leads to steady growth.

A public relations expert can help your organization improve its reputation through thought leadership pieces, influencer connections, and networking strategies. PR experts can help you reach your target audience through strategies that promote positive messages and brand awareness. Their creative ideas can be used to generate positive press coverage. In short, public relations can increase sales and create brand loyalty. By using ideas from public relations and PR experts, you can create an enduring relationship with your target customers.