Important Details to Pay Attention To When Sending International Mail

There are many important details to pay attention to when sending international mail. You must include a proper interline translation in English or Roman characters. You must also include the country’s name in English, in full form and in capital letters. There are also special rules for addressing international mail, and these details should be adhered to. Listed below are some important details to pay attention to:

Force majeure

In many contracts, a party can invoke force majeure to stop delivery. A force majeure can be defined as a’situation beyond the control of the affected party’. In international mail, the circumstances must be beyond the control of the sending company. However, some circumstances may make force majeure impractical. For example, a company’s shipping department may be unable to deliver mail because of a conflict between the destination country’s currency and its own. Such an event will require a court to intervene, and an arbitral tribunal can determine if the delivery is timely.

Because of a recent pandemic, many countries have closed their warehouses and factories and limited their labor. This has disrupted cargo movement, and some forwarders have declared force majeure. However, while many ports remain open with a reduced workforce, the situation has made it difficult for some forwarders to meet their contractual obligations. The country’s economy is recovering slowly, and some local ports have limited capacity. Therefore, it’s important to understand how force majeure affects international mail shipping.

Address requirements

If you are sending an international mail, it is important to know the specific requirements for your country’s postal service. The most important thing to keep in mind is that every country has a slightly different way of addressing mails. When writing an international mail, it is essential to include the full street name, house or flat number, and hyphens, if they exist. You will also need to include a postal code, which consists of two capital letters (LV) followed by four digits separated by a hyphen.

The USPS website provides a handy guide on international mail address requirements, which you can download and print. You can also consult the USPS manual on how to address an envelope if you don’t know what formatting to use. The manual includes helpful tips on how to properly format your address and whether you’ll need to file a Customs form. However, it’s important to check the address requirements before sending international mail, as they’re constantly changing.

Insurance for international mail

When shipping international mail, it is important to consider insurance coverage. Insurance covers loss, damage, or missing contents, but it may not be available in every country or for all types of mail. Check the IMM Individual Country Listings to determine if your mail qualifies. Coverage limits are set by each country and are often limited to the value of the contents and a maximum indemnity based on weight. Insurance fees vary by country and are paid on top of the postage you pay.

In order to file a claim with an insurance provider, you must submit a proof of mailing or confirmation receipt along with the damaged or missing mail. You can use this proof to prove to the insurance company that you received the package, as well as a copy of your tracking scan. However, you should note that you must have received the package at least 30 days prior to filing a claim. Once you’ve filed the claim, you can expect a resolution of your claim within 60 days.


A recent announcement from the US Postal Service is imposing a COVID-19 lockdown on New Caledonia, where movement will be restricted and transport services will be limited. The lockdown will affect the processing and delivery of both inbound and outbound postal items, and EMS deliveries. Mail items requiring a signature or identity verification will be handed over to the addressee in lieu of a signature. For more information, visit the USPS’s website.

As part of its response, Nepal Post is advising the Government to extend the current partial lockdown in the Kathmandu Valley until May 27, 2021. This lockdown will affect mail delivery, and domestic flights will be suspended as well. The lockdown will also prevent mail services from accepting outbound mail to countries outside of India until passenger flights resume. Military mail is exempt from this lockdown. However, mail delivered by Nepal Post will be delayed during this time.

COVID-19 pandemic

The United States has halted international mail delivery to two dozen countries as the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps the world. These countries include Saudi Arabia and India. Because the U.S. Postal Service is unable to deliver mail to these countries, the affected countries are not receiving mail from the United States. The United States Postal Service and the International Postal Union are working together to coordinate policies related to mail delivery around the world.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus has mostly been localized, occurring in clusters of close contacts, such as families or special gatherings. The virus is transmitted mainly through droplets from infected individuals. The most effective control measures are prevention and early detection, including active surveillance of those in contact with cases, and rapid access to health care for those who are infected. The WHO advises against travel restrictions to countries with ongoing COVID-19 outbreaks.