Investing in a Secret Safe

If you’re looking for a place to keep your valuables, you may want to invest in a secret safe. There are a number of options available. These include bookshelf safes, under-mattress safes, and even soda can safes. There are so many benefits to using one. Learn more about the best options for your home. You might even find something you already own that you can repurpose as a secret safe.

Diversion safes

A diversion safe is a hidden compartment that is not often accessed. This type of safe will not deter a dog from sniffing out your stash of drugs, but it can be used to hide valuable documents and even small libraries of information. They can also be used as a disguised message delivery system. In fact, many of these safes are portable and easy to take with you wherever you go. Read on to learn more about some of the most popular diversion safes available.

Bookshelf safes

If you want to protect your valuables, you should consider purchasing a bookshelf safe. These safes are made of heavy-duty metal, with two keys for access control. Because of their unique design, they can easily blend in with any decor, from a traditional to modern interior. You can even use them as cabinets! Depending on the size, you can store your valuables in one or more of them. If you are not a serious collector of rare books, a single book safe is a good option for securing your valuables.

Under-mattress safes

Under-mattress safes can be a great choice for gun owners. Some of them are similar to drawers, while others are designed to sit below a bed. In any case, there are a few important features to look for when choosing an under-mattress safe. A good quality under-mattress safe will have a backlit electronic lock and a lock with a key backup. These types of safes are made from 14 gauge steel and feature security cable.

Diversion safes in soda cans

A new type of home security device is a Diversion Safe in a soda can. These safes are made to look like real soda cans, but are actually hollowed out compartments in which your valuables can be hidden. This type of safe is an affordable and effective way to protect your valuables from burglars. These safes are available in different brands and can be used at home, in vehicles, or on the go.

Decoy can safes

Decoy can safes are designed to look like regular cans of Heinz spaghetti. Upon unscrewing the bottom, a hidden compartment can be accessed. Small valuables, like jewelry or cash, can be securely stored in this hidden compartment. They come in a variety of flavors, including Heinz Baked Beans and Spaghetti. You can use one of these can safes to protect your valuables while on vacation or traveling.


The DormVault is a steel safe that can store your laptop, important papers, and other items safely. The safe is about 16x13x5 inches in size. It is equipped with multiple mounting brackets that can be secured to your dorm furniture. If you’re worried about people breaking in, a lock is available to secure your valuables. A security cable is also available for added security.

QuickSafes QuickShelf safe

If you’ve ever needed to lock up your valuables, a QuickSafes QuickShelf safe is the answer. This 24-inch floating shelf has four keys, including two credit card-sized plastic keys and a small round plastic tab. The key fob looks like a typical car alarm fob and passes across the top of the shelf near an RFID reader. A removable sticker is located next to the reader. If you lose the fob, you can simply pull the shelf out and open the safe.