Is the Maternity Concession Really Worth the Money?

The Maternity Concession has been causing quite a stir over the past couple of months, and you’ve probably wondered if it really is worth the money. You may have heard it described as an exclusionary subsidy, or perhaps as compensation for wage loss. But before you write it off, let’s consider how it actually works. Here are a few points you should consider. This maternity discount is for all women, not just new parents.

Maternity Concession is a subsidy

The Maternity Concession is a government benefit, administered by the Social Security Department, to compensate mothers for income lost while they give birth and suspend their employment contract. In the recent Supreme Court decision, it was ruled that the Maternity Concession is a subsidy, and that the Government must apply systematic interpretation in resolving claims and procedures. This is in direct opposition to the State’s lawyer’s appeal.

It is a form of compensation for wage loss

Pregnancy leave is a legal right for working women. In most cases, it allows a woman to continue essential functions and receive benefits during her pregnancy. Pregnancy-related accommodations include additional rest breaks, a chair or stool for sitting, and flexible working hours. A recent study of pregnant working women found that 53% of them felt the need for change in their duties, but that 37% never requested it and that at least 9% of employers denied their request for changes in work-related duties.

It is exclusionary

The Maternity Benefits Programme (MBP) is exclusionary. Women from poorer communities are more likely to be excluded from maternity benefits than others. Further, the MBP increases administrative burden for frontline health workers. It is also ineffective in addressing the underlying causes of the high infant mortality rate. Hence, we must ensure that the MBP is reformed. In the meantime, we should ensure that it offers equitable maternity benefits to all women.

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It is available to women in the organised sector

Maternity concession is provided to women working in the organised sector, who are not employed by a family business. The government gives Rs 6,000 to these women in order to compensate for the wage loss during their maternity leave. The benefit is intended to encourage women to breastfeed their child exclusively, something that is largely unachievable in today’s society. However, the bill has several limitations and must be extended to the unorganized sector as well.