Italian Coffee Drinks – The Americano

What’s the difference between an Americano and a Long Black? The answer is a little more water than the usual espresso shot, which makes it a good choice for those who want to enjoy their coffee for a longer period of time, without the addition of milk. The barista will also decide whether to remove the crema, or leave it, if the customer prefers it without. But regardless of what you ask for, your coffee will still be good, just not quite as creamy.

Caffe Americano

The classic Caffe Americano is made by layering espresso over hot water. The reason for layering the espresso is to ensure that more of the crema remains, and to prevent scalding. When water is added to the espresso, it is called an “original Americano,” and is usually served with a shot of cream or sugar. The term “Long Black” comes from the Australians. However, there are many variations of this coffee drink.

Although it was invented during World War II, the origins of the drink are still unclear. The name “Americano” was given to the coffee due to stories of American soldiers during World War II. It is said that the Americans diluted espresso by mixing it with hot water, which confused them with black coffee. This was a mistake. Today, Caffe Americano is enjoyed worldwide and is often served as a quick coffee. You can get the same taste and texture from an Americano, without the caffeine!

Making an Americano

One of the most popular coffee drinks in Italy is an Americano. These drinks were invented by American GIs who did not like the bitter taste of the espresso served in Italian cafes, so they added water to dilute the flavor. They preferred drip-style coffee and large lattes, but they preferred the sophisticated flavor of an Americano. However, the official recipe for an Americano is a bit vague. Although it states to add water to espresso, the exact amount is not specified. The recipe also doesn’t mention how hot or how many shots of espresso should be added to the coffee.

The water temperature for an Americano should be around 160 to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. The amount of water used depends on the preference of the drinker. Other benefits of drinking Americano include weight loss and better health. The natural acid found in coffee breaks down food faster and helps people burn more calories than non-drinkers. Hence, the drink is a great source of energy. A cup of Americano a day is better than a glass of soft drinks, so try to drink as many as you can.


The Americano cocktail is an Italian aperitif. Its creation dates back to 1860 in Milan, where it was first served at Caffe Camparino. American ex-pats helped popularize this cocktail in the United States. Its ingredients, such as Campari and sweet vermouth, are simple and straightforward. The soda water, however, is a recent addition to the recipe. Its ingredients are listed below, and the ratios are not rigidly followed.

Coffee lovers who enjoy high-quality espresso will enjoy the simplicity of the Americano. Its rich, tan-colored crema makes it a perfect drink. The resulting drink encapsulates all the joys of coffee in a single sip, from the intense bitterness to the jolt of caffeine. Ingredients of Americano coffee recipe vary depending on the blend of espresso used. However, the classic Americano is the most popular style.

Serving size

The serving size of Americano is typically smaller than the usual cup of coffee, so you might need to adjust the amount of water used. For example, a serving size of Americano contains a little more than half a cup of water. The serving size of an Americano is smaller than a regular cappuccino, but it still contains plenty of caffeine. It has about the same amount of calories as a tall glass of coffee.

A standard cup of coffee has about five to 25 calories, and the serving size is dependent on what type of Americano you choose. The serving size of an Americano varies, as do the ingredients and allergens. To get a more accurate serving size, compare two different varieties of Americano. If you are unsure, consult the menu at Starbucks to determine the right amount for you. Here’s a serving size chart for each type of coffee.