Job Duties of a Custodian

A custodian is a specialized financial institution that provides securities services to other organizations. Asset managers, hedge funds, insurance companies and other businesses entrust their assets to these banks for safekeeping. These institutions do not engage in conventional consumer or commercial banking. The job description and duties of a custodian are quite different from those of a regular bank. If you are looking for a job as a custodian, here are some helpful tips.

Job description

The job of a custodian involves taking care of a building’s exterior. This job is usually responsible for cleaning and maintaining the building, taking out trash and doing simple repairs. They can also perform a variety of tasks, such as swapping out light bulbs and repairing broken equipment or furniture. Here are a few tips to make your custodian job description as compelling as possible. If you are considering a career in this field, consider these tips to make the best impression.

First and foremost, a custodian must keep assigned facilities clean and sanitary. They should clean all glass and windows. They also clean wastebaskets, floors, and corners. A custodian must be very thorough when performing these duties, so previous experience in this position is preferred. In addition, custodians must have excellent communication skills, as they will likely interact with other building managers to resolve problems.


The duties of a custodian are varied and often based on the type of environment in which the person works. As a general rule, a custodian maintains a clean and safe environment for the people who live, study, or work there. Custodians maintain the cleanliness of the school’s facilities, utilities, and equipment, and oversee the setup and cleaning of school buildings. These duties include following safety protocols and performing regular inspections of cleaning quality. Other duties include sweeping the school grounds, emptying trash, and cleaning the drinking fountains. In some situations, the custodian may be called upon to provide emergency cleaning services due to vandalism or other situations.

As a custodian, you may work independently or as part of a team. If you’re part of a team, you’ll often have the opportunity to manage other employees and direct work to others. Some custodians also oversee the cleaning of facilities for larger organizations. As a custodian, you’ll be responsible for organizing cleaning supplies and ordering products for a facility. In most cases, custodians perform their duties unsupervised, although they may receive instructions from a head custodian depending on the size of the facility. The custodian will usually report to the building owner or the building’s property manager.


Job duties of a custodian may include cleaning and maintaining large buildings, offices and rooms. It is important to be able to trust others while working in such a regulated environment. As a custodian, you may be required to operate heavy cleaning equipment such as snow blowers, air lift platforms and dollies to keep the building clean. You may also be required to clean floors and walls, and wash equipment.

Physical demands of this job include frequent standing and lifting up to 75 pounds. In addition to standing for long periods, you may be required to operate cleaning equipment such as snow shovels. You must also be physically fit to climb ladders and reach on top of bookcases or partitions. You may also need to move furniture or supplies from one place to another. If you are interested in applying for this position, please see our detailed information on the various physical requirements and skills required for the role.


New Jersey law allows for reasonable compensation for a Custodian to be paid during the calendar year. This salary range reflects a general comparison of salaries and should be verified with official sources. Custodians’ salaries are subject to change based on the jurisdiction. The following table shows the median compensation range for Custodians in New Jersey. To view a full list of Custodian salary ranges, please visit the NJ Codes website.

Depending on the terms of the agreement, the custodian may be required to hold funds without investment, which is typically not desirable. However, if a custodian is not required to hold the funds, they may charge an additional fee to keep them in custody. These fees may be charged directly to the custodian or to a third party, depending on the circumstances. In addition, a custodian may be entitled to earnings on uninvested amounts.