Lightweight Padding

Universal absorbents are another popular option for lightweight padding. These materials can soak up liquids up to 25 times their weight. They are also great for wiping up spills and cleaning parts. Some of the lightweight universal absorbents are even recyclable. Lightweight pads are a great option for those who want to go green without sacrificing protection. For more information, contact a professional athletic trainer or sports equipment retailer. You can also find lightweight pads that can be used for the same purpose as heavy padding.

DuPont Sorona padding is sustainable

Sorona’s sustainable, light-weight padding is perfect for comfort and performance. This fabric is made from 37 percent Industrial Dent Corn, which is not for human consumption, but is used in animal feed and other industrial ingredients. It also has the same wicking and drying properties as traditional polyester. It can be recycled in 100 percent polyester streams. And the polymer-based fibers in Sorona provide the perfect blend of comfort, stretch and performance. They are also 100 percent biodegradable, making them a natural expression of urban style.

The combination of Repreve and Sorona fibres in this padding web results in a lightweight insulation that provides warmth and comfort at a lower weight than other similar materials. Its unique design allows sweat to wick away from the body, and the fabric’s moisture-wicking capabilities are comparable to natural down insulation. Sorona’s sustainability is also evident in its design. It is recyclable, enabling manufacturers to meet stringent guidelines for recycling.

Sorona’s fibers are made from 37 percent renewable ingredients, giving them extraordinary performance benefits. The material’s unique molecular structure and high resilience make it an excellent choice for clothing designers. In addition to the insulating properties, it has a soft, silky feel that is close to natural down. Its environmental credentials have earned it Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certification.