Luggage Storage in Seoul

If you’re looking for luggage storage in Seoul, you’re in luck. Safex offers convenient storage spaces in major tourist areas, which makes it easy to drop your luggage and walk away. Its Seoul locations also make it easy for you to drop off heavy luggage. And the best part? They deliver your bags to you on the same day! Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, you can rest easy knowing your heavy suitcases are safe and sound.

Safex Luggage Storage

Whether you’re traveling on business or pleasure, the SAFEX Seoul Luggage Storage service is an easy way to take care of your suitcase while in Seoul. These storage facilities are conveniently located near the Incheon International Airport and Seoul Station. You can also drop off your bags there and they’ll be transported to your hotel the following day before 12 pm. This way, you can shop with your hands free. Plus, SAFEX luggage storage prices start at just KRW 3,000 for a small size bag. Considering the convenience, SAFEX Seoul offers a great value for your money.

If you’re traveling on business, you can save money by using SAFEX’s luggage storage service. It is located near both Seoul Station and Hongdae Station and offers storage services for 4 hours or up to a whole day. The prices start at just W2700 per bag, and it’s considerably cheaper than using subway lockers. You can even drop off your luggage anytime between 8 AM and 9 PM. Once you’ve dropped it off, you can rest assured that your luggage will be delivered safely and on time.


There are plenty of benefits to choosing Bounce luggage storage in Seoul over other options. While the city is well connected, traveling with heavy luggage is not fun. That’s why Bounce’s partners offer secure storage for your luggage. Located throughout Seoul, Bounce partners offer convenient locations to drop off and retrieve your bags. In addition to convenient locations, Bounce partners also accept most major credit cards and accept Bounce bags. Seoul is also home to the Lotte Outlets, which offer great discounts on almost anything imaginable.

The Bongeunsa temple is a beautiful piece of South Korean culture, but if you have a ton of luggage, it may not be possible to store it in the temple. To avoid this problem, Bounce offers convenient and secure storage at nearby locations. Visitors can download the Bounce app to find a Bounce location. After booking an account, they can leave their luggage at Bounce while they explore the city.


If you have a busy schedule, or simply want to go shopping with your family, SAFEX Seoul Luggage Storage has you covered. The company offers convenient storage services, including delivery and wrapping services. You can even leave your suitcases for up to four hours without having to worry about whether or not your bag will be stolen or damaged. The prices are also reasonable, starting at KRW 3,000 for small-sized bags (4 hours).

You can make your reservation via the SAFEX app. If you have an email address, you can use the app to make a reservation. If you don’t purchase your reservation online, you’ll be unable to collect your bags on the day you need them. If you buy a one-day ticket, you can choose to store your bags in a specific location. To avoid the inconvenience of waiting around for your bags, make sure you arrive at least 5 minutes before your reservation time.


RAON is a secure luggage storage facility in Seoul, Korea. It provides convenient long-term storage and airport and hotel check-in services. The facility also provides finger print ID, so you can easily check-in without having to go through the hassle of filling out a form. Yellow Baggage Storage is another option for those traveling with a large amount of luggage. Its 500 lockers require a finger print to access. The Travel Center, operated by SAFEX, also provides luggage storage services.

There are plenty of storage options in Seoul. For example, the Hanjin Express travel center is located on Level 3F near Check-in A. It is also accessible via the Airport Rail Road at Gimp Airport Station on Level B1. Moreover, Seoul Station is located at Exits 3,4,5,6 and 7. The RAON Seoul luggage storage facility is open from 8am to 9pm. There are four separate tariff levels to choose from, ranging from W1,000/day to W12,000/day.


Seoul has a wide variety of Samsonite stores located throughout the city. The flagship store is located near Sinnnonhyeon station. There are several sizes and models available, and the store’s prices vary. There are also several useful accessories available. These stores are a good option for anyone on a budget. They offer great deals on luggage, but the prices are generally higher than those found in offline stores.

If you are traveling for business or pleasure, a Samsonite duffle bag is a great choice. It holds all of your clothes and keeps important files organized. You can even purchase a travel wallet to keep your phone, wallet, and other belongings together. Samsonite also offers several collections of luggage to suit your needs. Some of these collections include Cosmolite, Aspire GRT, Bright Lite, Fashionaire 1, Lift, Winfield, and Pro 3.

Travel Mate

If you need a convenient place to store your luggage, Travel Mate in Seoul is the place for you. Their flagship store is located near Sinnnonhyeon station Exit 4. They have several different models, sizes and prices for your convenience. If you need to store your luggage for a short time, you can drop it off at these locations. Alternatively, you can use Bounce partners’ services. These locations offer short-term luggage storage and are located throughout Seoul.

For shorter-term luggage storage, try Bounce. These luggage storage partners offer convenient short-term services in Seoul, which are secure and monitored by a 24h security camera. The staff handle your luggage carefully, minimizing damage to your belongings. They also have a limited number of S-size storage units, which are ideal for short-term use. To reserve a spot at Bounce, you’ll need to purchase an additional S-size storage unit from the company.