Men’s Hairstyles of 2010

When it comes to a modern men’s hairstyle, the comb-over fade has some very cool features. It looks great on men with both straight and curly hair. A comb-over fade can easily be switched into a combed back style to give you a wide range of options up top while still showing off the cool faded sides. Read on to discover the best men’s haircuts of the year.

Modern man’s hairstyle

A modern man’s hairstyle can come in a variety of different shapes and styles. From long textured locks to short and tight styles, there are plenty of men’s hairstyles to suit any man’s personality and style. Some require wax, clay, or gel, while others can be easily achieved with just a little finger styling. If you’re looking for a fresh look for the upcoming year, a simple back-and sides haircut may be just what you’re looking for.

David Beckham’s hairstyle has become one of the most popular hairstyles for men, with one in 10 British men copying it. Gary Barlow and Twilight star Robert Pattinson were also popular. According to a poll by hair product brand Fudge, an average British man will change his hairstyle four times in his lifetime. Despite this, it’s still worth noting that men’s hairstyles have changed more than women’s hairstyles.


Whether your hair is long, short, or medium in length, a men’s undercut can suit your needs. This style can showcase gray streaks in a sleek way, as well as highlight your curls. It also works well on dark, coarse hair. Below, learn how to create the perfect men’s undercut. After reading this guide, you will be on your way to a new haircut!

First, determine your hair type. The undercut looks good on all hair types, but it’s not suitable for those with thin, fair hair, or balding on the crown. If you’ve got a receding hairline, the men’s undercut may be your best option. Thinning hair in the corners of your forehead can be cut to a short length and the quiff can be left longer.


If you want to add a dash of attitude to your hair, go for a mohawk hairstyle. Originally an Iroquois hairstyle, the mohawk was a daring and striking look for men. However, in recent years, it has become a popular trend among young urban men. Today, numerous men are sporting the hairstyle and it’s no longer reserved for the wild and rowdy.

For guys with fine hair, light and messy Mohawk is a great choice. It gives your hair a unique and edgy look but doesn’t make it look thin. It’s best to leave the difference in length between the sides and the middle since a huge contrast could make your hair appear sparse. You can use gel to create the Mohawk, smoothing out your hair on the sides and leaving the spiked portion of your hair on top.

Slicked back

A slicked-back men’s hairstyle gives a smooth, glossy appearance to the hair. For this reason, men have been avoiding using hair styling products in favor of a natural look. A blow dryer and textured or matte finish hair products are excellent tools to achieve this look. Afterward, use a comb or brush to comb the hair back. Then, spray with a hair spray to finish.

The slicked-back men’s hairstyle is very versatile and looks good on all face shapes. While it can look a bit unprofessional, it is a perfect antidote to a stale hairstyle. If you don’t have time to cut your hair, slicked-back hair can be an excellent solution. A matte finish is a great option for guys with naturally wavy or fine hair.


The single-length men’s hairstyle has many different variations, but there are some common characteristics. If you have thin hair, you can opt for a layered cut, which adds a lot of character to your look. If your hair is long, you can try a pompadour or a puffed-up style. While most men’s hairstyles are short, this one is not unique, but also looks rugged.

Medium-length haircuts have many styles that make them versatile, allowing you to wear different looks every day. While many men don’t wash their hair often, it is important to keep it clean to prevent it from becoming dull. You should also keep the shape of your hair square, as round shapes can look feminine. However, you can experiment with different shapes and textures to find the right look for you. Whether you want a modern, stylish look, or something more traditional, there is a single-length men’s hairstyle for you.