Miscellaneous Construction Work

Miscellaneous work refers to any construction or design work not specified in the contract documents. Miscellaneous work is typically a one-time task performed by a Contractor on a specific project. The Owner or Engineer must approve any changes to the contract in writing. This work will still be considered part of the project and will be charged in accordance with the percentage of the awarded contract price. However, in some cases, a contractor may not be eligible for a subcontractor payment.

Miscellaneous construction

Various kinds of materials are used during the construction process. Miscellaneous construction work includes such projects as removing and installing ceiling tiles, painting, and sandblasting. Contractors often issue emergency work orders to address problems with electrical systems or wiring, or they may issue safety work orders to ensure the safety of employees. Miscellaneous construction work may also include landscaping, painting, and plumbing. Listed below are the common types of miscellaneous construction work and how they’re performed.