Molestation of Public Places


Molestation in public places has become a global problem. There are no specific age groups or regions where this practice is more prevalent. Most of these perpetrators lack education, decency, and respect for women. They treat women like commodities and derive pleasure from their actions. The news of a 10 year old boy found making obscene gestures is not unusual, and Bollywood movies make molesting look like a courageous act. Sadly, a relaxed public allows a molester to continue his actions.

Molestation of a juvenile

In California, the crime of molestation of a minor in public places is a felony. In order to be convicted, the perpetrator must be at least 13 years old and not older than 17. If the victim is a minor, the molestor must be at least 17 years old or be an educator. If convicted, the perpetrator is sentenced to up to 99 years in prison and must pay a fine of at least ten thousand dollars. Further, if the child is younger than 13 years of age, the person must be under the supervision of a parent or educator.
Groping a woman

Despite the legal consequences of groping a woman, it is hard to prove that the act was not accidental. It is difficult to prove that groping was not accidental, especially when the perpetrator claims that the touching was accidental. Furthermore, groping often takes place in settings where accidental touching is common. In such environments, groping can be considered sexual as the act may toe the line between accidental touching and sexual assault.

Sexual acts short of rape

Whether it’s in a club, on a walk, or at a bar, committing sexual acts in public is against the law. In most cases, sexual acts are done between two consenting adults. Sexual acts may be difficult to prove because they can occur in private or between two people who are unaware of the law. There are several ways to protect yourself, however. Here are some of the most common.
Incest by a relative

A violation of incest laws involves sexual relations between two people who are related by blood. This includes first cousins. Although most states prohibit relationships between first cousins, about 20 states permit it. Incest laws may vary depending on the state, and may not apply to your circumstances. Regardless, the punishment for incest is a criminal conviction. Read on to learn about the punishment for incest by a relative in public places.

A GP’s duty to report suspected child abuse is a fundamental principle of our society. However, a paedophile’s doctor must make a serious investigation and take appropriate action. There are no magic cures for paedophilia. While many experts agree that there is no ‘cures’, Prof Derek Perkins insists that treatment is necessary. He says that if children are made aware of paedophilia, it will prevent it.

Police insensitivity

One of the most troubling issues facing the police is their insensitivity to molestation in public places. Survivors of molestation report being told that they were the victim of a crime that they did not commit and that they had provoked it. Many police officers agree that patriarchal attitudes still linger in their minds and discourage victims from coming forward. Unfortunately, this problem is not confined to police misconduct, as there have been instances of sexual assault by police officers.
Reporting incidents

To report an incident of molestation in a public place, you will need a number of things. You will need a complete street address and apartment or lot number, city and state, directions to the location, and estimated dates of birth. You will also need a detailed description of the victim’s injury, any other witnesses, any disability the victim has, and a description of the perpetrator.