Mouth-Watering Vs Savory: A Synonym of Very Tasty Or Delicious Food

Mouth-watering is a synonym of very tasty or delicious food. Foods with this descriptive adjective have a strong aroma and flavour. In addition to being very appealing and delicious, they also have a pleasing texture and a pleasant taste. In informal usage, mouth-watering means “delicious,” “delish,” or “finger-licking good.” The adjective mouth-watering is used to describe anything tasty or palatable that a person tries to savor.

Savory, on the other hand, can refer to anything flavorful or salty. It can be sweet, spicy, pungent, or aromatic. Whether savory is sweet, salty, or aromatic, it never is tasteless or unappealing. In fact, “sec” (or “medium-dry”), is another word for savory borrowed from the wine world. Savory can also be sharp or astringent.