Must-See Places to Visit in Georgia


Planning a trip to Georgia? This article will cover the Must-see places to visit in Georgia. From Tbilisi to Guria, we’ve covered the most popular destinations and the best times to visit. Learn more about Georgia Travel! Here are some tips to make your trip memorable. Read on to find out the best time to visit, and how to make the most of your stay. Then start planning your trip to Georgia! We’ll talk about where to go and what to do, from planning to packing.

Highlights of a trip to Georgia

One of the highlights of a trip to Georgia is its culinary scene. Known for its legendary Supra feast, Georgian cuisine is loaded with carbs and dairy. The country’s abundance of fresh produce is second to none, and chefs liberally use spices to make every dish taste delicious. Even better, much of the country’s food is naturally vegetarian. So how can you top Georgia’s cuisine? Here are some of the most delicious ways to experience Georgian cuisine.

The Georgian calendar is chock-full of Orthodox celebrations, religious feast days, and food and wine festivals. The dates for these events vary year-to-year, and are sometimes not finalised until a week or two beforehand. Orthodox Christmas and New Year are in December; Easter falls mid-April; and the New Wine Festival takes place after the country un-seals Qvevris wine.
Must-see places in Tbilisi

While exploring Georgia, you can’t miss the city’s history. During its long history, Tbilisi was ruled by many countries, including Russia and the Persians. As a result, the city boasts an impressive range of arhitectura, from Eastern Orthodox churches to ornate art nouveau buildings. Soviet Modernist structures are also visible throughout the city, such as the Narikala fortress and Kartlis Deda, a statue of the Mother of Georgia.

The city’s historic center is dotted with interesting architectural landmarks. The Old Town is home to many art galleries. You can find a wide variety of unique souvenirs in this historic district. You can also spend a relaxing afternoon in the Botanical Gardens. Although not a major tourist attraction, you can easily spend a day strolling the grounds in good walking shoes. Whether you’re looking for a great view of the city or to soak up the history, the Botanical Gardens are a must-see in Tbilisi.
Best time to visit

In summer, July and August are the hottest and most humid months in Batumi. In August, you should avoid the city center and try to find accommodation in the lower regions. Winter, on the other hand, is the best time to visit the Black Sea and higher mountain ranges. From mid-February to mid-March, you can enjoy beautiful weather and lower lodging prices. In late July, the wildflowers in the mountains bloom, and it’s also the best time to go hiking in the Adjara.

May is another great time to visit Georgia. Weather in May is generally pleasant, making it a good time to hike in the mountains or go skiing in the lowlands. However, you should remember that temperatures still vary a lot. In fact, May can bring rain to much of the country, so you should plan your travel accordingly. During the rainy season, snow begins to fall on the ground in some regions. The arid areas of the country like the eastern part of Georgia will be more pleasant to visit. Furthermore, the road to Tusheti will open in May, and spring will arrive sooner in Batumi and Kutaisi. You can also enjoy public festivals during this time.

Must-see places in Guria

For a cultural tour in Georgia, there are a number of must-see places. Among the many places of interest, David Gareja monastery complex and Sighnaghi are the most famous. These monasteries are both UNESCO World Heritage sites. Outside of town, you should visit the Gelati Monastery Complex, which is home to sixth-century monks. A must-see restaurant in Gori is Sisters, which features a cool atmosphere and live cello and piano players. A visit to Uplistsikhe is also worth your time.

Tbilisi is the capital city of Georgia. There are many attractions in and around this city, including medieval castles, fortresses, and regional mountains. In addition to these attractions, Tbilisi’s modern area is always bustling with visitors. It’s definitely worth a visit, and it’s one of the most popular tours in Georgia. Once you’ve experienced Tbilisi, be sure to check out the rest of the state, too.

Cost of a trip to Tbilisi

A day pass to Tbilisi covers the National Museum, Tbilisi History Museum, and Open Air Museum of Ethnography. Usually, children under the age of six visit free of charge, and students under 18 may qualify for discounts. There are many things to do in Tbilisi, from shopping to enjoying the opera. If you have the time, consider visiting the city’s famous Dezerter Bazaar, which is an outdoor market that occupies many city blocks. The National Ballet Sukhishvili is one of the highlights, a combination of classical Georgian dance and contemporary performance.

On average, a trip to Georgia costs between EUR30 and 35 per person per day, or about 36 to 42 USD. If you are traveling on a tight budget, however, you can visit Georgia for as little as EUR20 per day. You can stay in dorms or basic guesthouses and eat cheaply. This is more than enough to enjoy the country. If you have to spend more than this, you can consider staying in small villages or visiting Georgia’s capital.

Cost of a trip to other parts of Georgia

The prices in Georgia are generally fairly affordable and aren’t as expensive as they were 24 months ago. The official currency is the lari, abbreviated GEL. You can use either bank notes or coins to make payments. Exchange rates fluctuate wildly, but the National Bank of Georgia keeps the official rate. To avoid paying more than you can afford, consider staying at a cheap hotel and eating locally. If you’re traveling alone, day trips are great for seeing more of Georgia in a short period of time. A group may also be more affordable than hiring a car.

If you’re traveling solo, a trip to Georgia can cost around EUR30-35 per person. If you’re travelling with a partner, the average cost is around EUR40-50 per person. But if you’re traveling with a family, it may cost as much as EUR50 per day. You can still visit Georgia on a budget if you’re willing to spend some time on standby flights and make use of inexpensive vacation rentals.