Out Boxing – Four Ways Out Boxers Lose

Out boxing is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Out boxers learn to read their opponent’s movements and avoid throwing unnecessary punches. Most of their wins are decisions, and a talented out-boxer may knock out their opponent with one punch. The fights tend to end in a draw, but there are a few notable exceptions to this rule. Read on to discover the four most common ways out boxers lose fights.


There are two types of fighters in boxing: the in-fighter and the out-fighter. In-fighters use shorter range punches to attack their opponents from close range and apply pressure. Out-fighters maintain distance from their opponents and rely on long-range punches to win the bout. Both styles have their benefits and drawbacks. The out-fighter is often the best fighter overall, and has an advantage over the in-fighter.


Out Boxing Sluggers are a subset of fighters who focus primarily on power. Their approach relies on power and a chip on the shoulder. Sluggers are also vulnerable to counterpunches and often take a lot of punishment. While they are not the most skilled boxers, their aggressive style allows them to change the momentum of a fight with a single punch. As such, sluggers are often regarded as “action stars” in boxing.

Outside fighters

The term “outside fighter” refers to boxers who fight on the outside of the ring, avoiding the danger of being caught against the ropes or corners. Outside fighters can range in style, but their main offensive weapon is the jab and the 1-2. While out boxers will generally shy away from hooks, they can be effective when they use their feet and ring craft to close distance and take their opponents by surprise. Some people find this style boring, but the truth is that it works best for strategy.

Traditional style

An out-boxer is a type of boxer that uses the distance between them and their opponent to score points. An out-boxer is generally taller than their opponent, and prefers to out-fight his opponent by maintaining a distance. This style requires quick decision-making and clean legal punches to win the fight. There are many benefits to this style of boxing, and you can subscribe to learn more about it.


Out-boxing is a type of kickboxing where the fighter uses both hands and a combination of techniques to win the fight. Unlike inside-out boxers, out-boxers generally have a long reach and prefer to maintain a distance from their opponent. Because of their technique, they rarely get knocked down in a fight, but they can win through apt decision-making and landing clean legal punches.


In 2014, boxing rules changed to make sure that boxers wear functional gear and clothing. They were accustomed to using tape of all kinds to fix a variety of issues. Some taped the shoe soles together to keep the laces from undoing, others taped the rear of the jersey to make smaller boxers fit better, and so on. The new rules have a lot to do with safety, and it is a great improvement.