IZ*ONE MINJOO (Korean Drama)

IZ*ONE MINJOO is a Korean drama series in which Gong Myung plays the role of a 9th grade civil servant, Namgoong Jin-soo. The series is divided into 10 short stories about Jin-soo and his relationships with his colleagues and classmates. In each episode, Jin-soo is in a different situation and is confronted with many challenges, including his inability to communicate with his colleagues and fellow classmates.

Kim Hae-sook plays a 9th grade civil servant

Min Jin-woong plays Byun Joon-young, a 9th grade civil servant and the oldest son of Lee Yoon-seok. He has been studying for the Civil Servant examination for 5 years while he is dating his girlfriend Kim Yoo-joo. However, an accident causes him to fall pregnant, and he finds himself the eldest child in his family.

Kim Hae-sook plays Ahn Dae-sung, a part-time clerk at a grocery store run by his mother. Though he was once a genius, he changed his profession after an incident happened when he was 10 years old. His mother wants him to become a lawyer, and she begs him to keep his identity as Byun Han-su.

IZ*ONE MINJOO was a 9th grade civil servant in Oda City

In ‘Oda City’, IZ*ONE MINJOO is a ninth-grade civil servant. He is also a recurring character. Initially, his character has an ordinary life, and his parents have a hard time coping with the unexpected. But, as his situation changes, he begins to feel an increasing sense of urgency to save the city.

Joon Yeong is a 9th grade civil servant

Joon Yeong is the eldest son of Lee Yoon Seok and his wife Hye Yeong. He’s been studying for the Civil Servant Exam for almost five years. At the same time, he’s dating Kim Yoo Joo. They fall in love and get pregnant accidentally, but he decides to change his character when he becomes the eldest child.

When the drama first begins, we learn that Song-A is an intern on the planning team and has passed the internship entrance exam. Song-A’s mother wants her to go to school and become a low-level civil servant. When she meets Hae-Na, she immediately begins working with the woman. But she continues to look at violin videos and peeks into the rehearsal room. After she learns that her mother is putting her in an internship, Song-A is surprised to learn that the two of them are romantically linked.