Personal Warehouse Service and Mailstorage

If you are a private customer, you can take advantage of the Personal Warehouse Service, which allows you to store and merge orders at a discounted rate. You can also place future orders and pick them up at a later date. This service is paid for by a subscription fee of five euros per month, which covers administration and storage costs. However, shipping costs are not included in this fee. In case of larger orders, you can purchase a storage unit at a discounted rate.


Mailstorage is a type of on-demand storage that keeps your items together in a single warehouse. While this is more personal than a storage unit, it’s still less than two car garage-sized. Mailstorage is also a great way to maintain your business records and keep your files safe. Here’s a brief overview of the services they offer. And you can even customize the amount of storage space each user has.

The MailStore archive consists of individual archive stores, each with its own data container and search indexes. MailStore users have access to all archived emails in all active archive stores and get a logical view of the archive based on their privileges. Administrators can configure the parameters for auto-create and manually create new archives stores. The MailStore client can also show where the master database resides. Managing the personal archive store is easy.

On-demand storage

On-demand storage is a great way to organize your business or home. Instead of storing bulky items in a warehouse, you can simply have the items you need stored transported right to your door. Whether you need storage space to hold your seasonal merchandise or to accommodate a sudden surge in inventory, on-demand storage is a flexible solution. It is ideal for individuals and businesses who need to move or relocate without the hassles of storing their own items.

The boomers are slowing down their lives and reducing their housing footprint. This means fewer people are relocating. The younger generation is delaying marriage and parenthood, meaning fewer people need temporary storage. Additionally, the autonomous cars that will soon be driving us are a threat to our ability to store items in our own homes. If you are among these people, consider an on-demand storage option for your belongings.

E-commerce is becoming increasingly popular and more companies are turning to digital forms of commerce. However, maintaining inventory levels can be difficult, especially for smaller businesses. On-demand storage is an affordable way to manage inventory and free up valuable space for other operations. If you have a limited budget or are trying to save on rent, using an on-demand storage service is a great option. This service ensures that your inventory is secure, and is ready to be retrieved whenever needed.

On-demand warehouse services are not for everyone. For example, the majority of on-demand warehouse providers cater to larger companies and mid-tier businesses. Only one, Stord, caters to small businesses with storage needs of up to a hundred pallets and hundreds of orders per month. Many small businesses don’t have this amount of space, and often ship fewer than a hundred orders a month. In such cases, on-demand warehouses do not provide much help.