Planning the Interior of a Shopping District

If you have visited a shopping district in the past, you may have noticed a difference between the indoors and the exteriors. The exterior of the shopping mall may look different than the interior, which is often a reflection of the culture of the neighborhood. Shopping malls can have different atmospheres, from trendy to conservative, and may have a combination of both. When planning a shopping district, keep in mind that the overall design should emphasize pedestrian and vehicular circulation.

Parking should be positioned around the perimeter of the store grouping. The interior of the mall should be devoted to pedestrian movement. Some shopping districts may have sidewalks between rows of parked vehicles, while others may only have a small amount of space for parking. The parking area should be designed based on the different types of store groupings that may be possible in the mall. Having covered walkways is an additional benefit for shoppers, particularly in inclement weather.