POWERLINK Connect and POWERLINK G3 Power Supplies

If you have a computer, you may have heard of POWERLINK, a real-time protocol for standard Ethernet. This open-standard protocol was first introduced in 2001 by Austrian automation company B&R. In this article, we will discuss POWERLINK Connect and POWERLINK G3 Power Supplies. To learn more, read the following articles. They will help you decide which product is right for you. After you know the basics, you can start shopping for the perfect power supply.


POWERLINKS connect industrial machines, such as CNC machines, to a central control system. The system allows for real-time data transfer. This type of network is supported by the Ethernet POWERLINK Standardization Group (EPSG), which manages the protocol. B&R, an Austrian automation company, first introduced the system in 2001. But how do POWERLINKS work? Let’s find out. Below are the benefits of POWERLINKS.

The POWERLINKS communication cycle is organized like a roundtable discussion, with a moderator allowing speakers to speak at specific times. This eliminates the need for arbitration. The MN then polls each CN. Each CN then transmits its own data to the rest of the CNs. During the first phase of a POWERLINK communication cycle, the MN sends a frame called “Start of Cycle” to all the other CNs. The second phase is when the payload data is exchanged.


POWERLINK Connect enables both centralized and decentralized designs. Its poll response chaining feature allows slaves to respond based on timing. Earlier, asynchronous traffic from cameras was separated by extra wiring. With POWERLINK, both types of traffic can be combined into a single stream. POWERLINK also supports MultiASnd, which provides a higher asynchronous bandwidth. This feature is a key advantage over conventional CANopen connections.

To trace a POWERLINK network, a standard network tracing tool can be used. Several tools are available, including the free OmniPeak and Wireshark. To perform a network trace, a PC must connect to the POWERLINK network using a hub. In addition, the tracing interface must disable all protocols to avoid affecting POWERLINK connectivity. If high-precision network traces are required, Ethernet analysis hardware is recommended.


The POWERLINK G3 Control Buses provide an interface between the system controller and remote operated circuit breakers. They distribute 24 Vdc switching power and control signals to switch circuit breakers and report the circuit breaker’s status to the system controller. These devices can be mounted in a single panelboard, on the left side of a standard panelboard, or on the top of a column-width panelboard.

Designed to provide simple lighting control of branch circuits, the Powerlink G3 Intelligent Lighting Panel is energy-code compliant and features a powerful microprocessor-based controller. The unit can regulate lighting throughout a commercial building and can be installed inside any standard lighting panelboard. This feature provides the convenience of remote access to lighting, panelboards, and other controls. It also allows for automated lighting control and overcurrent protection, and is suitable for many other applications.

POWERLINK G3 Power Supply

Designed to provide remote circuit breakers, controllers and control busses with the proper voltage, the POWERLINK G3 Power Supply provides the necessary voltage to these devices. These units mount on the interior bus of NF Panelboards and attach similarly to 3-pole circuit breakers. They convert line voltage into separate supplies for each individual device. The controller supply receives 24 Vdc, Class 2 power, while the control bus and subnets receive a Class 1 source.

This unit is designed to be mounted in the top three circuit breaker spaces of a Powerlink panelboard. The POWERLINK G3 is compatible with both 120V and 277VAC outlets. Its connection to the Powerlink panelboard is via a lead that extends from the main unit. The Powerlink G3 can also be used in a variety of other electrical devices. Although the device itself is not a panelboard, it can be installed on a tabletop.