Release of Athens Blu-Ray Review

If you love rock and roll, Release Athens is for you. The festival will feature bands like Clutch, The Hellacopters, and Blues Pill, and kicks off with Deaf Radio. Power metal lovers can enjoy bands like Sabaton, Blind Guardian, and Epica, or you can enjoy the sounds of symphonic metal with The Silent Rage and Enemy of Reality.

Eagle Vision’s blu-ray release of Athens

Despite Peter Gabriel’s explicit declaration that the Athens film would not be released as a standalone release, it is still disappointing that the Greek band has released it on blu-ray. Moreover, Peter Gabriel has urged fans to purchase the So deluxe box set instead. This tactic feels a bit exploitative. But is it really a mistake? Here are some things to consider before deciding to purchase the blu-ray.

Iggy Pop’s music

Iggy Pop has been a major rock icon for decades. The ‘godfather’ of punk rock, he has collaborated with many famous artists, including David Bowie, Josh Homme, and Matt Helders. His passion for the arts and the ability to pick the right artists have made him one of the most respected and popular musicians. The festival will be a great opportunity to see this legend on stage.

New Order

On day six of Release Athens festival, American hard rock band Disturbed headline the lineup. Disturbed’s lineup features vocalist David Draiman, bassist John Moyer, guitarist/keyboardist Dan Donegan, and drummer Mike Wengren. The Chicago-based rockers have released seven studio albums and five have gone straight to the Bill 200. Their seventh album was released in late 2018. The Athenian coast hosts this festival every year.


Clutch are releasing the new single “Evil” as the first track of the Weathermaker Vault Series. The series will feature new music by Clutch that will be available throughout 2019. The track “Evil” was mixed by six-time Grammy Award-winning producer Vance Powell. Clutch’s new song features guitar and drums from Mike DeLuise and was recorded by Athens’ own Jason Bates.

Judas Priest

On Friday, July 15, 2022, Athens will proudly present legendary heavy metal band Judas Priest. Known as “metal gods”, Judas Priest will perform their greatest hits. The band will also feature provocative Cradle of Filth and supergroup Dead Daisies. Whether you are a fan of heavy metal or simply enjoy metal music, you’ll love seeing Judas Priest play at the Faliro Pavilion.

Sleaford Mods

Athens, Greece – “Sleaford Mods’ new album has just been released and the first impression is a warm welcome.” Featuring artists such as The K’s, Liam Gallagher, and Iggy Pop, the new EP is set to be an instant hit. Fans will surely enjoy listening to it in the car, during a long drive, or even while listening to it on the radio.

Athens West End Distillery 6.5 YO Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Meigs County is home to one of the state’s largest distilleries. The West End Distillery opened in the spring of 2017, and produces 6.5-year-old straight Bourbon whiskey. The company will also self-distribute the liquor in bars and restaurants. The new whiskey is also made from a combination of corn and molasses.