Remedies For Sore Throats

A sore throat can be a very painful and uncomfortable condition. Often, it is also the result of a more serious condition. It is therefore important to avoid using your voice excessively and rest as much as possible. Honey and saltwater gargles are great remedies for sore throats, and they can help you get back to normal quicker. However, you should not use them excessively because they may worsen the condition.

Excessive voice use

There are several causes for excessive voice use, including muscle tension dysphonia. This condition causes the throat muscles to become tight, resulting in strained and hoarse voice. This problem can develop in a variety of ways, including talking for long periods without a break or speaking too high or too low. It can also occur with another condition such as vocal cord dysfunction. To find out if you suffer from this condition, consult a speech pathologist or laryngologist.

There are several steps you can take to prevent a sore throat and prevent it from getting worse. The first step is to rest your voice as much as possible. Avoid speaking for long periods of time, as this can cause further damage to your vocal folds. Drink plenty of water and avoid drinking a lot of coffee or alcohol. Try to stay away from second-hand smoke, as well as smoked products, to relieve your sore throat.


A restful night is the first step to getting rid of a sore throat. Not only will you rest your voice, but your immune system will also benefit from more rest. A warm shower or a humidifier can bring moisture into the air, calming the vocal cords and easing the pain. Additionally, humidity in the air can help clear mucus and keep the nose moist. Besides getting plenty of rest and sleep, making sure to wash your hands regularly will keep your throat healthy.

Sleeping is also important. While resting your throat, try to avoid laying flat on your bed. This can cause swelling and increase pressure in the back of the throat. Sit up instead of lying flat on your back. Likewise, sitting up after eating can help alleviate pain. Also, try to keep a bottle of water and medicated lozenges near your bedside table. This way, you will have something to sip as soon as you wake up.


A sore throat can be caused by a variety of things. It can be uncomfortable and make it difficult to eat, drink, or even talk. In addition to making eating and speaking difficult, it can also lead to bacterial infections. Fortunately, honey is an effective home remedy for a sore throat. Read on to find out how this sweet substance can help relieve your discomfort. In addition to the soothing properties it provides, honey also contains several antioxidants and vitamins.

In addition to soothing the throat, honey has antibacterial and antiviral properties that can help fight off viral infections. It can also help reduce coughing by suppressing the secretion of mucus. While the antimicrobial properties of honey are not well-known, they may be helpful in preventing a sore throat. Honey is a great home remedy, but if you have a fever, you should see a doctor to get the proper treatment for your symptoms.

Saltwater gargles

A common home remedy for sore throat is saltwater gargles. Salt draws liquids to the surface of the throat, where it submerges bacteria and cells. Gargling with saltwater is safe to swallow, and it can even relieve choking and gagging. Gargling with the correct salt-water ratio is important. The proper ratio will vary depending on the severity of the sore throat.

In a 2005 study, researchers at the Mayo Clinic found that gargling with saltwater reduced the virus in the body, and increased the virus-fighting power of immune cells. The gargling method was found to be effective when used three times a day. Researchers found that a gargling regimen with salt water significantly reduced the incidence of upper respiratory tract infections and bronchial symptoms in those who used it.

Warm tea

Some herbal remedies for sore throats contain herbs and/or mucilage. Licorice root, for example, secretes mucilage that coats the throat. This mucilage helps to relieve pain and inflammation, two hallmarks of a sore throat. Licorice root combined in a tea will soothe and coat the throat. This herbal tea is also soothing to the throat.

Another tea that may be soothing is warm tea. According to Shawn Nasseri, a Harvard Medical School doctor and a former Mayo Clinic resident, warm tea opens the throat vessels and soothes the muscles in the throat. Drinking warm tea helps relieve throat pain, and many types of tea contain antioxidants that help the body fight off illness. Besides being soothing, some herbal teas also have anti-inflammatory properties, which reduce pain from colds and sore throats.


Using humidifiers for prevention of a sore neck can be effective. Humidifiers add moisture to the air, thereby decreasing the number and severity of bacteria and viruses that cause sore throats. Because sore throats require a dry environment, adding moisture to the air will help reduce the number of these bacteria and viruses. This makes them an ideal solution for people suffering from a sore throat.

The common cold is the primary cause of a sore throat, and the dry air in homes can make the condition worse. The air in homes is often dry, and this makes it more likely for dust, allergens, and viruses to thrive. Depending on the humidity level in the air, the size of the aerosol drops from the mouth change. When there is less moisture in the air, smaller aerosol droplets will travel farther and linger longer in the air. These aerosols are much easier to transmit and cause sore throats.