Renting a Brazil Apartment Basement

In addition to finding a great deal on an apartment in Rio de Janeiro, many people choose to rent an apartment in Brazil for various reasons. While some people want a small space that allows them to stay close to their city’s activities, others simply want a spacious, modern home. Whatever the case may be, there are many great rental options available in Brazil, including apartment basements. Read on for ideas to find the perfect place to rent an apartment.

Rio de Janeiro

A contemporary, concrete apartment has a sleek, sophisticated look and is ideally suited for a bachelor in his late 30s looking to downsize. The architect’s design concept was to create a space that is comfortable for entertaining guests while showcasing the concrete surfaces and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the city. A deep concrete shelf stretches the entire length of the living room and dining room walls. The corrugated doors on the guest room’s walls provide visual interest.

The Red Command Gang, or Red Phalanx, is infamous for holding up apartment buildings and committing drug and gun crimes. The gang was born out of the poverty of the favelas and used the techniques they learned from political prisoners in the 1970s to make a profit. The gang has been a focal point of organized crime in the city for two decades, but authorities are working to weaken the organization’s power base.

Whether you’re looking for a large apartment with a basement, a small studio or an elegant penthouse, JamesEdition has thousands of listings for luxury homes in Rio de Janeiro. You can search by price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, amenities and more. Each listing will include photos, price, and location. The most popular property type in Rio de Janeiro is the house. Common amenities include Terrace and Balcony.


A three-tower residential complex is planned for the Escalon San Salvador neighborhood of the Republic of El Salvador. It will feature 304 apartments and 709 parking spaces. The project was designed by Salvadoran architect Felipe Uribe. Uribe graduated from the Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana de Medellin, Colombia. He has extensive experience designing functional spaces. His previous work includes the Penthouse, the Library of Public Companies of Medellin, and Parque de Los Deseos in Medellin.

The construction of the Salvador Brazil Temple has begun. In June, a notice of permit was posted at the site for the project’s grading. In August, ground was broken on the project, which includes a two-story religious temple, apartments, and auxiliary buildings. The property is a bluff surrounded by a small body of water, so the project is likely to require clearing and grading. After all, it’s a temple, right?

The Salvatore Boarding House was the home of Damon and Elena. Stefan and Damon made Elena Salvatore the new owner to protect her. Before the show began, the Salvatore Boarding House was not operational. In fact, it was closed and hosting a family of vampires. While the exterior of the Salvatore Boarding House was not part of the season seven stock footage, the interior of the building was.

Jardim Europa

One of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Sao Paulo is Jardim Europa, a neighborhood that is home to many top-notch residential apartments. The name of the neighborhood translates to “gardens” in Portuguese, and signifies a neighborhood with lush, tropical greenery. This residential neighborhood was founded in the 1930s, and its posh mansions and lush gardens are a common sight.

Home prices in the neighborhood are higher than in other parts of the city. In 2013, a one-bedroom apartment in the area cost BRL7,000 per square meter. However, in 2014, it cost BRL10,000 per square meter, which translates to approximately US$2,870 per square meter. The neighborhood stretches north of Itaim Bibi, from Groenlandia Street to Brigadeiro Faria Lima Avenue.