Renting Out Your Brazil Basement

The Brazil family of Ashland, Ore., burned down in the Almeda Fire in September 2020, forcing them to move into their new basement apartment two weeks ago. The three children – Emmett, who is five years old, his two younger sisters, and their nine-month-old baby, Una – all have to share the basement apartment with their parents and grandparents, who have remained in the main house. Their new living space is filled with toys, which they use to entertain themselves.


If you’re planning to live in Argentina, you may be interested in learning about the benefits of renting out your apartment basement. Renting out your basement gives you the luxury of putting a private space to work or play. Argentina has one of the highest levels of poverty, so the quality of your living space is crucial. There are many advantages of renting out your Argentina apartment basement. For starters, you won’t have to worry about the maintenance and repair costs. This is because if you own your own apartment, you can simply renovate it.

While it might seem counterintuitive, you can earn a nice amount of money. Bitcoin mining is a lucrative business. The profits can pay for the building’s upkeep. In Argentina, this type of mining is not allowed by law. Despite this, miners are trying to find more environmentally friendly ways to mine Bitcoin. Some are even installing Bitcoin mining equipment in their apartment basements, but there are few regulations governing this activity.


When renting an apartment in Canada, many newcomers choose to live in the basement. Basement apartments are generally very nice, and are no different than any other part of a house. These apartments usually have a private entrance and kitchen, along with a washer/dryer unit. You may want to make sure the basement is equipped with all of these amenities before signing the lease. There are several other benefits to renting a basement apartment, as well.

The price of these apartments is usually much lower than the market rate. However, many landlords will require the renter to pay a certain percentage of utility bills, or a set amount each month. Also, you will find that many homeowners will furnish their basement apartments before renting them out. If you can, opt for a fully furnished basement apartment to save money. After all, the apartment isn’t only functional; it’s also a lot more comfortable to live in!

A basement also protects the apartment against natural disasters. Each year, Canada experiences 80 tornadoes, most of which are F0 or F2 intensity. Approximately 5% of these tornadoes are F3 or stronger, making it important to have a basement. A basement is the safest place to be during a severe tornado. Tornadoes in Canada tend to affect the Canadian prairies. British Columbia and Ontario are the two provinces with the highest frequency of tornadoes.

United States

While a United States apartment basement serves as an ideal shelter from harsh weather, its counterpart in Brazil serves as an urban oasis. The climate in Brazil is moderate, but occasional thunderstorms can ruin a day. The main threats in Brazil are fire and flooding, both of which are manmade. Fortunately, the basements of U.S. apartment buildings serve a different purpose. They serve as a space for people to escape extreme weather conditions, and they act as a place to store clothes and other personal belongings.