Secret Safe Travel Companion

This travel companion is ideal for securing your valuables from theft. The secret safe is small and measures 7/18″ x 2 9/16″ and has a hidden storage compartment that measures 2″ x 3 1/2″. It’s ideal for any location, including the car or plane. The secret safe is a cost-effective way to protect your valuables while traveling. Whether you’re using it for personal or business purposes, you’ll be glad you purchased it.

Can Safe

Can a coffee can be used as a secret safe? Yes! This small container can be used to store extra change, money, or even food items that would otherwise be in plain sight. To create a hidden compartment, you can use a lid with a slightly smaller diameter than the can itself. Alternatively, you can use the lid from an instant coffee jar. Then, empty the can and glue the two lids together with epoxy glue.

A simple DIY project can be a built-in floor compartment. Wood cuttings can be used as a lid, and the box can be secured to the floor joists with screws. A cabinet pull can then be added to the lid. Once secure, the lid can be covered and the safe placed inside. This method doubles as a small panic room in case of a break-in. You may even want to install a hidden cabinet to keep valuable items safe.

Decoy can safe

Why should you buy a Decoy Can Safe? As a burglar, your house is probably the first place they look for valuable items. They will spend approximately six minutes in your home, and will find the most obvious spots. A Decoy Can Safe, on the other hand, hides your important items in the most unlikely spots. Burglars are highly motivated by money and other valuables, so they will be less likely to steal them if you place them in the least obvious location.

Unlike the Hyper-Realistic Can Safe, a Decoy Can Safe is more practical. Instead of a nightstand drawer, a Decoy Can Safe is easily concealed in any kitchen or pantry. Since it looks like real food, it’s nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. You can buy these safes in different sizes, shapes, and colors. The size of the interior compartment is approximately one and a half inches.

Under-mattress storage

The Bed Bunker is a safe that fits under your mattress and uses that space to store valuables and guns. If your significant other were to get up in the middle of the night to reach your firearm, you would have to kick them out of bed. With the Bed Bunker, you can access your firearms without ever having to leave your bedroom. Built strong and heavy, the Bed Bunker also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Under-shelf storage

When space is at a premium, a secret safe under the shelf can be a practical solution. The safe’s structure consists of a tray-like structure with four members: a fixed back and top, and two adjustable sides. When closed, the safe holds firearms or other valuables securely. It’s also easy to conceal in an area that no one will notice. Here are some ways to build a secret storage space under your shelf:

The compartment’s removable panel fits inside the safe. Pegs and other hardware secure the items inside, while the locking mechanism is made up of a ledge or magnet. Depending on its configuration, this secret storage space can be used with different kinds of furniture, shelves, fixtures, and cabinets. Using the lock, you can also customize the interior space with pegs, racks, and trays. Moreover, you can choose the type of hardware and accessories that work best with the safe.

Under-mantel storage

If you don’t need a hidden compartment in your home, you can make your own secret safe from an ordinary mantel. To create one, you need a few supplies and a Kreg jig. For this project, you will need to cut four pieces and use them as the box’s sides. Use the extra pieces in the center as dividers and additional support. Once you’ve cut the pieces, attach the four sides to the box’s front piece. Attach hinges to the inside piece and attach the front piece. Once you’ve attached the four pieces, use wood filler to cover the seams.

A mantel panel can be used to conceal the safe. In this way, the mantel doubles as the doorway to the secret compartment. A mantel panel from Covert Concepts is ideal because it allows you to conceal the safe in a small nook or crevice. Another option for hiding your secret safe is a sliding door. Sliding doors not only provide security, but also add style. Another option is a barn door.