Sending a Congratulatory Wreath

Traditionally, olive leaves and other types of floral arrangements were given to elite athletes as a congratulatory wreath. During the 18th century, Charles II of Sweden popularized sending flowers as nonverbal messages. Symbolizing various emotions, each flower has a specific meaning. Throughout the years, people have continued to send flowers for various occasions, including a congratulatory wreath for a loved one or a friend.

Wreaths can be real or fake, but their meanings vary from culture to culture. In Asia, wreaths are hung around Christmas time to ward off evil spirits and ensure good luck. In Korea, the three-tiered wreath, two meters high, represents wealth and power. In many other cultures, wreaths are used as a symbol of well-wishes and condolences.

Congratulations flowers are an ideal way to extend best wishes to a new family member or friend. There are a wide variety of floral arrangements to choose from, including traditional colors like yellow, red and pink. A modern twist on this classic arrangement is to include an unusual flower like the blue iris. It will surely add a pop of colour to the hospital room. Just make sure to check any rules of the hospital before sending flowers as the stay at the hospital can be brief and you don’t want to annoy the new family.