Serving Housewarming Party Food

When throwing a housewarming party, you need to serve tasty and trendy food. Besides traditional finger foods, you can also try new dishes, like cheese and meat trays. You can also serve small bites of desserts, such as mini quiches. If you want to reduce mess, consider serving finger foods. For example, a pineapple and jerk chicken skewer would be great for the housewarming party.

In order to avoid running out of food and space, make sure you have enough seating for guests to mingle. Make sure you have a few fun games to keep the crowd entertained. A “recipe swap” would be a great idea. You can also give out blank recipe cards, as an alternative to a guest book. And to keep the party inexpensive, don’t forget to include some tasty finger foods. People do not expect to eat a full meal at a housewarming party. Finger foods are appreciated more than a full meal.

If you’re the host, you should explicitly invite people to bring something to help with the party. A housewarming gift of wine or a subscription to a “of-the-month club,” for instance, would be a useful present. Alternatively, you could give them a housewarming gift certificate. While this may seem like an ideal housewarming gift, it won’t stay with the hosts for a long time. Instead, make the invitations explicit. Don’t give food and beverages unless the host specifically asks for them. Otherwise, you’ll only be sending an implicit message that you don’t know what to do.